Frank Wilson

Real Name:Frank Edward Wilson

Do NOT confuse with Frank Wilson (13) who wrote for Barry White, Love Unlimited, Marvin Gaye ("Oh How I'd Miss You"), Gloria Scott and Paul Petersen ("Your Love's Got Me Burnin' Alive")
American songwriter and producer, born 5 December 1940 in Houston, Texas, USA, died 27 September 2012. Frank cut a few singles of his own but preferred to adopt a fictitious identity on every occasion. He released 45s as Sonny Daye (Power), a duet with Sherlie Matthews credited to Sherl Matthews & Sonny Daye (Power), Eddie Wilson (Tollie) and Chester St. Anthony (A&M). Worked with Marc Gordon (2) for Motown in Los Angeles, CA. Often associated with publisher Jobete , , , , , , Wikipedia
Aliases:Chester St. Anthony, Eddie Foster (7), Eddie Wilson (7), Sonny Daye (2)
In Groups:The Clan
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