Dead Moon hakkebakkeskogen

November 10, 2017
RIP Fred! Maybe my biggest musical hero. The Last Train has now left for good... LOVE.

Dead Moon dementedarego8

November 20, 2017
One of the most genuine musicians ever! A true believer.. R'n'R can never die! Cheers from Athens Greece!

Dead Moon el-haych

November 11, 2017
sad sad news .. :-( what a man,what a music legend!

Dead Moon hakkebakkeskogen

March 9, 2016
RIP Andrew.. Your band changed my life. Dead Moon forever!

Dead Moon NWpunx

September 13, 2016
54/40 OR FIGHT!! Same here.. sad to hear of his passing. Gone too soon. Love Dead Moon for the past 20 years.