Motiv 8 Fatherless_One

February 10, 2017
I love the Motiv8 sound and was an avid collector of all their productions in the day. I love the signature chugging (galloping) bass lines and the searing synth riffs. I'm still searching for the drum loop used in most of their remixes (seems to have a tambourine and a slightly metallic snare sound.

Motiv 8 DJHere2makeumove

September 14, 2020
Very true Steve Rodway did some massive uplifting remixes for some big-name artists such as Kylie Minogue & Pet Shop Boys to name a few. I agree with that (galloping beat you describe) I always referred to it as rolling thunder as sometimes the drop would send vibrations through the windows in my house. I really wish he would have had more successes moving forward but trends change and new DJ's start remixing for big artists.

Keeping it simple was the best with Rodway and that always won me over. Rockin for myself was a killer track.I even had that played at my wedding and I am sure it disclocated some hips on the oldies.

Motiv 8 as reviewed by riddler

November 12, 2004
edited over 17 years ago
Steve Rodway AKA Motiv8 created some excellent remixes that set commercial clubs on fire, all artists covered.
Very poppy & predictable but always uplifting in many ways.
A definate inspiration & definately pointed a few in the direction of Matt Darey, Ferry Corsten etc..

Motiv 8 DJHere2makeumove

January 20, 2015
Agree uplifting and Steve did provide remixes for PULP,Kylie Minogue,Robert Palmer to name a few and I feel this guy had so much left in him and wish their were more releases.

Having said that I enjoyed a lot of tracks he released and was fortunate enough to buy them when they were released in the 90's.

Motiv 8 Jarren

January 24, 2010
Definitely. Motiv8 was one of the few UK acts that could be described as Eurodance in style, and yes you can certainly tell the similarities to the late 90's emerging dutch trance scene in the production he employed.

Indeed, some of his riffs would not be out of place in '99 trance anthems!