Bleak Fiction

Real Name:
Ezequiel Lobo
Ambient / Drone / Experimental music from Buenos Aires, Argentina with the purpose of recreate mental states of dreams, meditation, hope, solitude and introspection.

M.I.S.T. Records:
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MIST010 Bleak Fiction - Lucidness album art Bleak Fiction Lucidness(7xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST010 Argentina 2012
MIST011 Bleak Fiction - Translucent Ghost album art Bleak Fiction Translucent Ghost(8xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST011 Argentina 2012
MS003 Bleak Fiction - Parenthesis album art Proyecto Lazarus / Bleak Fiction Proyecto Lazarus / Bleak Fiction - Parenthesis(8xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MS003 Spain 2013
MIST072 Bleak Fiction - Homeless Heart album art Bleak Fiction Homeless Heart(7xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST072 Argentina 2014
MIST060 Bleak Fiction - Prolonged Memory album art Bleak Fiction Prolonged Memory(7xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST060 Argentina 2014
MIST105 Bleak Fiction - Ghost Picture album art Bleak Fiction Ghost Picture(6xFile, FLAC, MiniAlbum) m.i.s.t. records MIST105 Argentina 2015
MIST107 Bleak Fiction - Ulterior album art Bleak Fiction Ulterior(9xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST107 Argentina 2015
MIST114 Bleak Fiction - Sic Tempus album art Bleak Fiction Sic Tempus(7xFile, FLAC, MiniAlbum) m.i.s.t. records MIST114 Argentina 2015
MIST143 Bleak Fiction - Feelings That Makes Life Different album art Bleak Fiction Feelings That Makes Life Different(5xFile, FLAC, MiniAlbum) m.i.s.t. records MIST143 Argentina 2015
MIST125 (2) Bleak Fiction - Sepelio album art Bleak Fiction Sepelio(8xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST125 (2) Argentina 2015
Bleak Fiction - House album art Bleak Fiction House Not On Label (Bleak Fiction Self-released) Argentina 2016
none Bleak Fiction - Alone Thoughts album art Bleak Fiction Alone Thoughts(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album) Not On Label none Argentina 2016
GV-563 Bleak Fiction - Which Of Us Is Sadder album art Bleak Fiction + Astral & Shit Bleak Fiction + Astral & Shit - Which Of Us Is Sadder(File, MP3, VBR) GV Sound GV-563 Russia 2016
mist172 (1) Bleak Fiction - September album art Bleak Fiction September(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album) m.i.s.t. records mist172 (1) Argentina 2016
GV-570 Bleak Fiction - Scripsisse album art Bleak Fiction Scripsisse(8xFile, MP3, VBR) GV Sound GV-570 Russia 2016
ms007 (1) Bleak Fiction - Silencio album art Proyecto Lazarus, Bleak Fiction Proyecto Lazarus, Bleak Fiction - Silencio(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album, Col) m.i.s.t. records ms007 (1) Spain 2016
mist190 (1) Bleak Fiction - Play Alone album art Bleak Fiction Play Alone(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album) m.i.s.t. records mist190 (1) Argentina 2016
mist203 (1) Bleak Fiction - Blasphemy album art Bleak Fiction Blasphemy(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album) m.i.s.t. records mist203 (1) Argentina 2017
mist206 (1) Bleak Fiction - Music For Films album art Bleak Fiction Music For Films(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album) m.i.s.t. records mist206 (1) Argentina 2017
ms008 (1), Not Numbered Bleak Fiction - Ghost Moments album art Sun Through Eyelids, Bleak Fiction Sun Through Eyelids, Bleak Fiction - Ghost Moments(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album, Spl) m.i.s.t. records, Kalpamantra ms008 (1), Not Numbered New Zealand 2017
MIST219 Bleak Fiction - Lonesome Girl album art Bleak Fiction Lonesome Girl(8xFile, FLAC, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST219 Argentina 2017
MIST223 (2) Bleak Fiction - Stealth album art Bleak Fiction Stealth(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, Album) m.i.s.t. records MIST223 (2) Argentina 2018
btr029 Bleak Fiction - Could You Dream Again With Me Anyway album art Bleak Fiction Could You Dream Again With Me Anyway(File, FLAC, Album) Broken Tape Records btr029 Russia 2018

Singles & EPs

MIST022 Bleak Fiction - Unseen Isolation album art Bleak Fiction Unseen Isolation(4xFile, FLAC, EP) m.i.s.t. records MIST022 Argentina 2012
MIST037 Bleak Fiction - Daylight album art Bleak Fiction Daylight(2xFile, FLAC, EP) m.i.s.t. records MIST037 Argentina 2013

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