Havamal (2)

Havamal (2)

Havamal Is a Viking / Black Metal project of Wolfgeist's formed in early 2001. He has been the main musician behing the project. Nordic Mythology, Ethos, and Edda, have been the main musical inspiration. As of 2014 summer Wolfgeist has ended the project to work on all new project. The Band first intended to be called Raven's Hammer in 2000 but never went off. Wolfgeist claims Havamal has always been the name of the project and Raven's Hammer was to be a side project of the band but never seen any light. Wolfgeist from 2001 - 2005 recorded 6 demos, only two of them were released Ashes of the New Dawn (2001), and Freya (2005)or sometimes called "FreyafreyaFreya" All other demo material was released on the two compilation CD's.


Havamal (2) Discography Tracks


FIO15 Havamal (2) Saga Af Inn Veðr (CD) Forged In Honour FIO15 Belgium 2014 Sell This Version


WDV005 Havamal (2) Feasting With Wuotan(CD) Wuotan Distro WDV005 Germany 2010 Sell This Version
TDH11 Havamal (2) The Hammer Has Fallen(CD) The Darkest Hour Records TDH11 US 2012 Sell This Version