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Münchener Freiheit (known sometimes simply as Freiheit) is a German pop and rock band that had released seventeen albums by 2007, six of which have gone gold and have sold over five million copies in Europe. They are named after a square in the city of Munich in Germany, meaning "Munich liberty". It is considered part of the Neue Deutsche Welle musical movement.

They are best known in the English-speaking world for their single "Keeping The Dream Alive". This song became a #14 hit single in the UK Singles Chart when released in 1988 and taking live performance at the Dutch Amusement Television programm Te Land Ter Zee En In De Lucht in 1997 making Münchener Freiheit a one-hit wonder there. "Keeping the Dream Alive" still receives a lot of airplay at Christmas time and can be found included on many Christmas compilation albums. In the United States the song failed to chart there when it was originally released, gaining favour with the American public only after it was featured in the soundtrack for the movie Say Anything.... The single has received additional exposure in the United States thanks to the singing talent contest American Idol on the Fox television network. The song has been used in recent seasons as a backdrop to video montages featuring contestants on the programme. , Facebook , Wikipedia , Wikipedia ,
Members:Alex Grünwald, Aron Strobel, Freddie Erdmann, Jörg-Tim Wilhelm, Michael Kunzi, Rennie Hatzke, Stefan Zauner
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