Bruce Forest

Bruce Forest

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Bruce Forest
Legendary American DJ/producer who replaced the late Tee Scott as the resident DJ at NYC's Better Days, a primarily Black Gay discotheque near Times Square. Better Days was one of the longest running clubs in NYC, opening in 1972 and becoming "Bedrox" in 1989, when Bruce left, not wanting to be part of the Gotti family's business once they bought what had been Better Days. Hanna-Barbera's legal team quickly put an end to the new owners' misuse of their trademarked "Flintstones" name, and Better Days did re-open for several months, with several notable DJs playing there, and subsequently closed for the very last time, becoming a restaurant.

Better Days was a fertile DJ incubator, with some of the famous guests being: David Morales, Kenny Carpenter, Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries, Larry Patterson, Bert Bevens, Timmy Regisford, Bert Lockett, and many more. Tough crowd, but the best energy ever for a medium sized club.

Bruce started bringing homemade electronics (samplers, computers, keyboards, digital recorders..) into Better Days in 1982, and by 1984, the legendary David Cole was often playing keyboards over various tracks that Bruce would play. These jams could go on for hours, and were the inspiration for several records released by others, such as "My Loleatta" and "Do It Properly!".

His first remix ever was UDM - To Please You from 1982, and he often would do a special mix for the club, run over and play it fresh off the tape to gauge reaction, then go back to the studio to fine tune. He remixed/produced hundreds of records, and was involved in production of the very first Chicago house releases. He moved to the UK in 1989, played guest spots at Astoria, Land of Oz and other London venues. He lived across the street from SARM West studios in London, bringing a NY feel to British artists like Elton John and Paul McCartney, while still making serious club records for Virgin's More Protein label.

He was married in 1991, and decided to leave music production in 1994 to go full time into digital media technology, specifically music and film distribution on the net. He moved back to the States in 1995, and he still loves to go back to his DJ roots and spend hours playing with Traktor. Bruce's portfolio of mixes, remixes and production work speaks for itself.

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MXU-008 Various Street Break Various - Most Excellent Breaks, Beats & Loops Volume 2(12") Most Excellent Unlimited MXU-008 US 2017 Sell This Version