Howard Lovett

Real Name:
Howard W Lovett II
Howard W Lovett II (b. About 1950) is an audio engineer and co-owner (with his wife Lindy Lovett) of Studio South, Martinez, Georgia, also known as Studio South Productions. The studio was moved previously, and has been located two former locations (with no two locations ever being in operation at the same time):

1980 to 1982: Studio South, Dublin, Georgia Studio South was originally opened in Dublin, Georgia USA in 1980, until 1982 when Lovett moved his family and studio to Augusta, Georgia USA.

1982 to September, 2000: Studio South, Augusta, Georgia the studio was located at 2510 Peach Orchard Road in nearby Augusta, Georgia

Lovett has been awarded for his work in producing content for local advertising campaigns, but he is probably best known for his work with jazz trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and James Brown, who usually credited Lovett on his releases as "Mr. Howard Lovett." During one recording session with James Brown, Lovett had setup a quick rough mix to playback the most recent take. When James Brown heard the playback, he liked what he heard, but Lovett protested, as he thought that a pass through a computer was needed to make the rough mix as good as possible. Mr. Brown put his hand on the engineer's shoulder and reassured him that his initial efforts were just right. "Mr. Lovett, the first time God does it. The second time you do it - I want God's version," he said.


Lovett attended Florida Bible College in Miami in the late 1960's. He was singing with Joyful Noise, one of the earliest bands to play Christian folk rock. The group attracted the notice of the record label Impact (7) (the same label as the Imperials) and Joyful Noise signed a contract with Impact (7). Joyful Noise's first album became an immediate underground success after the college banned it because of the drums on it.

Howard Lovett met his wife to be, Lindy, at school in Miami. After their wedding, the couple moved to Dublin, Georgia USA., where Mr. Lovett worked at Pine Forest United Methodist Church as a youth pastor and youth minister of music and led Bible studies.

In the 1970's, Howard Lovett and his family formed Loves Shares, Inc. and went on the road with a musical-comedy act. Their 4-year-old daughter, Lori, opened the show by reciting a psalm. Mrs. Lovett ran sound and some slides while Mr. Lovett appeared onstage with a sidekick, a gun-slinging cowboy puppet named Wichita.

They never did any booking themselves. Word of mouth was enough to get them 225 to 250 appearances a year at churches, high schools and, once, a McDonald's at 2 a.m. But when their children indicated they wanted to be more involved in school activities, the couple decided it was time to limit travelling and look for other income. "I thought it would be fun" to build a recording studio, said Mr. Lovett, who had worked with studios in Atlanta and Florida. Small-town Dublin, Georgia wasn't ideal for such a venture, but groups came to their studio from all over the country. In 1982, Lovett released his album Gospel Ship, which features a picture of his family on the back cover. Later in 1982, The Lovetts moved from Dublin to Peach Orchard Road in Augusta at the suggestion of one of their clients, an advertising agency.


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LSR 107 Howard Lovett - Gospel Ship album art Howard Lovett Gospel Ship(LP, Album) Love Shares LSR 107 US 1982 Sell This Version