Jim White (2)

Real Name:
Jim Ronald White
Jim White (born 1962) is an Australian drummer, songwriter, and producer from Melbourne, Australia
1980-1981: Happy Orphans (with Conway Savage)
1981-1983: People With Chairs Up Their Noses
1982-1986: Feral Dinosaurs (Conway Savage)
1984-1984: Brainshack
1985-1996: Venom P. Stinger
1988-1989: Hessian Sax
1989-1989: Conway Savage And The Deep South
1992-1993: Blackeyed Susans
1992-1992: Busload Of Faith
1992-1994: Kim Salmon's STM
1992-present: Dirty Three
1993-present: Charles Marshall And The Body Electric

Jim has lived at least part-time in Chicago, IL since the late 1990's, and has done much session playing, including records or tours with Will Oldham, Cat Power, Nina Nastasia, Smog, and White Magic. He is also a member of Tren Brothers (with Dirty Three guitarist Mick Turner) and Boxhead Ensemble,

Not to be confused with the Americana singer/songwriter Jim White, who does not typically play drums.
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