Los Indios Aguarunas

Los Indios Aguarunas

Juan and Néstor Nichol better known as the Aguarunas Indians, belong to Arequipa, although they were born in Huacho. Here they lived several years after a tour of Santiago de Chile - there in 1945 - alongside the Martorell sisters, Luis Abanto Morales, Carlos Inga Segovia, under the direction of Don Filomeno Ormeño. They were hired to burn charcoal discs for the Odeon label.

Already like the Aguarunas Indians, 50 years ago they triumphed with the first voices "Perico" López, Juan Livia, Enrique Herrera and Irma Ramírez, the only female voice. They popularized songs by famous authors: Gilberto Plasencia, Emilio Peláez Montero, Ángel Aníbal Rosado, Elisbán Lazo Álvarez. The huayno "Compadrito gallinazo" was its maximum interpretation.


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