Alien Hand

Real Name:
Adam Power
Dublin-based producer Adam Power has been making electronic bleeps and bloops under the name Alien Hand since he began tinkering with a cracked version of Fruity Loops on a hand-me-down 486 desktop in 1999. His music has been described as “delightfully twisted”, jumping between electro, techno, breakbeat, IDM, drum & bass, breakcore, gabba, noise and ambient, drizzled liberally with acid synths and peppered with absurd samples. Since 2005, he has appeared on a number of Digital Vomit releases, including their flagship "Can Buy Me Love" compilations. In 2009 he released "Better Late Than Never", a full-length album of his own very Irish take on the breakcore sound. He has produced remixes for ROBOstud, Automatic Tasty, DJ Cattle Hammer and the Shankfist Wreckage Technique, and shared stages and DJ booths with Shitmat, C64, the Teknoist, Toecutter, Hardoff and Solypsis. He is currently sitting on a new album, which he hopes will hatch very soon.


Alien Hand Discography Tracks


EPR015 Alien Hand All Is Not Lost(File, Album, Dow) El Perro Rojo EPR015 2013


DVR049 Alien Hand Better Late Than Never(7xFile, MP3) Digital Vomit DVR049 UK 2009
EPR016X Alien Hand Be Seeing You (Encrypter Remix)(File, Dow) El Perro Rojo EPR016X 2013
EPR016 Alien Hand Be Seeing You(File, Dow) El Perro Rojo EPR016 2013