Ingo Kunzi

Real Name:Ingo Kunzi

Ingo Kunzi is a German Trance music pioneer, producer and DJ since the early 90's. He has recorded under numerous aliases including Tandu, Ayla, Karuma, Intrance, Intrance feat. D-Sign and Leuchtpunkt, but is perhaps best known for his 1996 released classic track 'Ayla - Original 1995 Mix', recorded under the same name.

Kunzi started making music when he was just five years old. Influenced by the likes of Supertramp and Pat Metheny, he started out in the rock scene, building his own studio in 1985 and engineering demos for rock bands before discovering electronic music via the likes of Cosmic Baby and Talla 2XLC's Moskwa TV project.

Throughout a 20-year-plus career Ingo Kunzi has worked as a co/producer or remixer on productions for artists such as Safri Duo, Darren Tate, Shakira, York and Taucher. With Safri Duo initially as a remixer on the single ‘Played-A-Live’. Subsequently, as co-producer and mixer, leading the production on their debut album 'Episode ll' and the single 'Sweet Freedom'. For Shakira a production trio, consisting of Kunzi and Danish producers Jakob Stavnstrup and Michael Parsberg, produced different mixes for her hit single ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ under the synonym of ‘Fairlite’.

Ingo Kunzi's studio: Reaktor Studio

Sites:Facebook , Instagram , Instagram
Aliases:Anakin, Ayla, DJ Tandu, Drop In, Montoya, Tan 2
In Groups:A.M.C., Access, Aerobatix, D-Sign, DJ Tarzan, Elastique Culture, Flatliners, Frozen Orange Project, Inphobia, Intrance, Intrance Feat. D-Sign, Karuma, Leuchtpunkt, Polar Lander, S-Project, Sonic Boom (3), Sphillix, Tantau, Tarot, The Launching Site
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