Real Name:Zan Hoffman

Since 1985 this project on the ZH27 label has been the vehicle Zan Hoffman has used to explore experimental auditory zones. With over 95 releases, recent works have taken to exploring sources from one individual home-recording artist per release. Artists treated include Haters, Napalmed, Xedh, Gintas K, Jorge Castro, and Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Aliases:Air (7), BEP '88, Blistering Tentacles, Bodycocktail, Byoto Crow Mkstman, Catapults Dining With Shining China, G Und S, Gory Armadillos Ekzacting Chortles, Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Eat, Magnificent Figures Formulating Manifestoes, Purple Poke, Rid Cid Of Arid Acid, Rude Awakening (If The World Sweats, Why Won't It Stain?), Rust In Space, Soft Ceetie Shoulder Credentials, Suede Leotard Foundations, The Scotch Tape Hall Of Fame (Pitter Patter), The Twists And Turns Of The Loved And Hated..., Thicknicksick, Tons Better Than Nothing
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