Janet Elisabeth Szczypinska

Janet Elisabeth Szczypinska

Real Name:
Janet Elisabeth Szczypinska
It was already at a very early age that Janet felt a strong emotional attachment to music.
Influenced by Soul and R´n B, she made a slow transition into House around 2007, writing her first own songs and using her voice to bring a new edge to House tracks.

Through her performances at the legendary "Sender" club she quickly became a household name throughout the night club scene in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Today, the short-haired Blonde performs in clubs all over Europe, captivating and spellbinding her audience through the unique and unusual blackness of her voice.
But ever restless, this amazing artist pursues more and bigger plans for the future.
Among other things, Janet is currently producing new fresh songs, featuring other well-known artists of the region, and she has an exclusive House project with her crew in the works, that we can look forward to!

Enjoy this authentic and soulful sound - a full gospel voice from an european woman - packed in the finest beats of the hottest clubs.

Stay soulful, sexy and tuned!


Janet Elisabeth Szczypinska Discography Tracks

Writing & Arrangement

Tha Groove Junkeez Feat. Voice JLuv Tha Groove Junkeez Feat. Voice JLuv - Break The Night (Single) Future Soundz Switzerland 2013
Tha Groove Junkeez Feat. Voice JLuv Tha Groove Junkeez Feat. Voice JLuv - It's You (Single) Future Soundz Switzerland 2014