Fable (10)

Fable (10)

Once upon a time, 3 Canadian musicians figured that they had invented their own brand of ROCK. These courageous artists decided to follow their instincts and spread their musical tale to all those who would listen.

And thus, the rock band FABLE was formed by individuals coming from such separate regions of Canada as Victoria and Toronto. FABLE immediately found itself attracted to the "play it loud soundtrack" that accompanies peoples' lives who tend to live and die by this score. Screeching wah-wah guitars, thumping drums and throbbing bass notes became the driving force behind this Canadian power trio.

Also, yielding to their audiences' requests for a recording, FABLE went into the studio and created a musical response for their adoring fans.

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Fable (10) Get The "L" Outta Here (Album) RecordPlex Productions Canada 2005 Sell This Version