Postscriptum (3)

Postscriptum (3)

Real Name:
Постскриптум (P.S.)
Postscriptum was a short-living Soviet rock band, established in 1982 by Garik Sukachev. Playing with Sergey Britchenkov (bass) and Pavel Kuzin (drums), Sukachev decided to invite an experienced guitar player Evgeny Khavtan. After joining Postscriptum, Khavtan tried to develop further their sound from an art/hard-rock mixture towards something more progressive, without much success. He also didn't like the way bassist was playing, so Britchenkov got fired, and Evgeny brought Karen Sarkisov in as a replacement.

For a while, a renewed Postscriptum had been playing at various local dancefloors and discotheques, performing new wave, songs by Secret Service, The Police and Garik Sukachev. Musicians didn't get along very well, with constant disagreement about the repertoire they were forced to perform at all those dance events, where an audience wasn't very susceptible to a heavier sound, preferring Italian smash hits to rock.

Soon enough, they decided to part ways: Suckachev found his Brigada S group (also taking Sarkisov with him) while Khavtan and Kuzin recruited new members and established Bravo. Postscriptum only recorded one album Cheer Up! («Не унывай!») in 1982.


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