Serpent Eater

Serpent Eater

SERPENT EATER, based out of Cologne, Germany, has been plodding forward with its current lineup since early 2012. With members hailing from HAMMERHEAD (Ger), TUMULT (Ger), DASKRILL (Ger) and THROATS (UK), SERPENT EATER has been well rooted in the DIY Hardcore Punk scene for ages. Living on anger, SERPENT EATER is fueled, not dispirited, by life’s experiences and struggles. As such, the lyrical concepts employed in their work mainly focus on the weirdness and deformations of the psyche as well as the emotions of a violated mankind in modern society.
SERPENT EATER creates its signature dark sound to emphasize this lyrical approach by mixing elements of death and black metal to (post) hardcore, crust, heavy and dark 70s rock, and doom to create sludgy, heavy and somber atmospheres of despair and hopelessness infused with moments of calm, sadness and melodic doldrums – only to be interrupted by sudden outbursts of sheer fury.
After having recently released a 7-Song CD on Hardcore/Crust/Grindcore DIY-Label Ecocentric Records in September 2013, SERPENT EATER will soon release their upcoming album with renowned Alerta Antifascista Records.


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Serpent Eater Hyena Alerta Antifascista Germany 2013 Sell This Version
e.r. 183 Serpent Eater Serpent Eater(CD, MiniAlbum) Ecocentric Records e.r. 183 Germany 2013 Sell This Version