Real Name:
Mike Magno
Psychedelic trance producer live set from New Jersey, USA.


Magnosis Discography


SD0019 Magnosis Counterpressure(10xFile, WAV, Album) Solid Recordings (6) SD0019 Spain 2014
SD0040 Magnosis Digital Psychiatry(10xFile, WAV, Album) Solid Recordings (6) SD0040 Spain 2014
iNT0001 Magnosis Progressive Sensations(10xFile, WAV, Album) iNTrance Recordings iNT0001 Spain 2014
WM0055 Magnosis Invisible World(10xFile, WAV, Album) Womb Records (4) WM0055 Spain 2015
PM0094 Magnosis Human Computer(10xFile, WAV, Album) Panmusic Records PM0094 Spain 2016
PM0097 Magnosis Loony Bin(10xFile, WAV, Album) Panmusic Records PM0097 Spain 2016


iNT0018 Magnosis Best Of Magnosis(10xFile, WAV, Comp) iNTrance Recordings iNT0018 Spain 2015


SD0014 Magnosis High Tension(4xFile, WAV) Solid Recordings (6) SD0014 Spain 2013
SD0005 Magnosis Tripwire(4xFile, WAV) Solid Recordings (6) SD0005 Spain 2013
SD0018 Magnosis Remixing(2xFile, WAV) Solid Recordings (6) SD0018 Spain 2014
SD0024 Magnosis Trillium(4xFile, WAV) Solid Recordings (6) SD0024 Spain 2014
SD0044 Magnosis Black Space(4xFile, WAV) Solid Recordings (6) SD0044 Spain 2015
WM0059 Magnosis Your Universe(2xFile, WAV) Womb Records (4) WM0059 Spain 2015
WM0057 Magnosis Cost Of Living(2xFile, WAV) Womb Records (4) WM0057 Spain 2015
WM0064 Magnosis 51 Areas(3xFile, WAV) Womb Records (4) WM0064 Spain 2016
WM0063 Magnosis Genetics(2xFile, WAV) Womb Records (4) WM0063 Spain 2016
WM0075 Magnosis Fictional Characters(3xFile, WAV) Womb Records (4) WM0075 Spain 2017

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