Four Tet elektr0bi

December 7, 2020
Is |||||||||||||||||||| aka Barcode also him ? Great music music

Four Tet wyhatt

September 15, 2021
NO He is not Please enter at least 6 more.

Four Tet david10d

October 11, 2020
Has proven himself in the last few years to be one of the most overrated* producers of a generation.

Four Tet wyhatt

September 15, 2021
You do not listen to Bubbles at Overlook 25th March 2019 enough to have an opinion ....

Four Tet scout.dedalus

July 15, 2021
You seem to have teleported to the wrong page. This is not the Skrillex page. Please check your browser and try again.

Four Tet -SilentRunner-

June 21, 2021
So, in view of the above, who would you suggest that I listen to instead?

Four Tet p4rk3r

December 31, 2020
Has proven himself in the last decade to be a shit Discogger with an extensive history of negative marks for non-payment.


Four Tet CtheB

November 24, 2020
Couldn't agree more. For every decent or interesting track there are eight or nine mediocre or sickly pieces. He has also been responsible for some of the worst remixes of the last two decades – how he wasn't laughed out of the music world after his abysmal remixes of Aphex Twin and Radiohead I'll never know. His DJing sounds like an 18-year-old hipster dropping whatever his older brother thinks is "credible". He must have a superb (or superbly connected) publicist.


January 21, 2020
Has proven himself in the last few years to be one of the greatest producers of a generation.

Four Tet teknologika

February 14, 2019
I am surprised no one has left a comment about this guy. Fantastic, post-rock electronica music. I like how he always tries new things. Its taken me a while to get into his music, but, I enjoy it more with each listen. "Unspoken" would have to be my favourite track of his. Its emotional and has a good beat to it. I highly recommend his music!