Real Name:
Jukka Hautamäki
Jukka Hautamäki [aka Kalat, Ihokas, Pax Futile, Approximate, Nanook...] started making his eXcursions in the beginning of 90's, first recordings were simple acid house, made with a w-30 sampler and a tb-303. In the early 90's Ihokas was involved with Lumi Records and released music on their 3 infamous 12" vinyl compilations, which are now rare collector items. Releasing electronic music on vinyl in Finland during those days wasn't really usual and specially the fact that all Lumi Records artists came from Northern Finland, made those recordings kind of unique.

Kalat [aka Ihokas] has always tried to maintain unique kind of style while avoiding most common mainstream solutions. Music style is ranging from techpop to chaotic noise abstractions. Kalat [aka Ihokas] has made live gigs together with Tatu J. Lund [aka Cytrus], Pessi Parviainen,Jarkko Lahti [aka Rihmasto], Sebastian Ziegler (GER), Dennis Tan [aka Sonic Kitchen] (SNG), Tatu Metsätähti [aka Mesak].

Ihokas Discography Tracks

XX016 Ihokas - Fdisk Encrypted Transmissions 2003 album art Various Lamb Various - Fdisk Encrypted Transmissions 2003(CD) Acidsoxx Musicks XX016 US 2003 Sell This Version