Grant Nelson

Real Name:Grant Nelson

Prolific producer, remixer and DJ from London, UK. Born on April 27th, 1971.
Co-founder of Nice 'N' Ripe and Swing City Records and owner of Freeze Dried.
Nelson is heralded as an influential producer on what became the UK Garage scene due to his numerous club hits on the Nice 'N' Ripe label in the mid-90's.
He also produced under the name “Wishdokta” from 1990-1993 when he was making Breakbeat Hardcore/Techno for Kickin Records.
In 1997 he started using the alter-ego “Bump & Flex” and began to produce “2-Step” Garage. He delivered some of the scene's biggest records including the remix of “Funk On Ah Roll“ by James Brown.
Nelson has remained a House/Garage producer since his early Nice 'N' Ripe days and continues to do so with his Swing City and Freeze Dried labels.

Sites:Bandcamp , , X , Facebook , Mixcloud
Aliases:2 Can Play, A.T. Kod, Boiling Point, Bump & Flex, Chicago Symphony, Departure Lounge (4), DJ Mix Master Gee, Dubtone, Groove Doctor (2), Ground 96, Hangman (6), Industrial Espionage, Livin' Large, LowJack, Naughty Naughty, Nu Rhythmix, Resistance, Ricky Suarez, Ruff Rider, Tae Knups
In Groups:24Hour Experience, Ambassadors, Ambassadors Of Swing, Dangerous Liaison, Double X-Posure, Dusk Til Dawn (4), Federation X, G.O.D., Intergration, Mi:Grant, N'n'G, Pursernel & Son, Ravers Choice, The Dangerous Brothers, The Soul City Experience, Touchdown (8), Underground Connection (3), Vibes & Wishdokta
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