Hugo Villanova

Real Name:
Hugo Ricardo Pinto
Hugo Villanova (born as Hugo Ricardo Pinto, 15 March 1983) is a Portuguese DJ and Producer. Currently resides in Lisbon/Portugal.

In recent explosion of talent and DJs that the music industry has seen in recent years, there are very few that can show a solid and extensive career. Hugo Villanova has cultivated throughout his career several successes. Furthermore, there are few DJs who can actually attest the kind of dedication to quality, something that Hugo Villanova has defended stoutly.
More than an artist, he has been a leader, an experienced producer with his own style.

Hugo Villanova has defended over its own unique breed of electronic music more than any other, not following fads or trends but what he has in his soul, and this has made ​u8203 him see his music being played countless times by DJs radios and even television.

With a discography that currently has more than 30 original singles published in numerous national and international record labels, worked with some of the best national artists, getting to be in every radio nationally. With Diego Miranda signed the hit 'JUST FLY' that quickly reached the tops of the most heard songs in Portugal and the year after, "Only with the Sunshine" with the vocals of David Cruz.

His history began in the 90s when techno music was at its peak in Portugal. Inspired by artists like Laurent Garnier, Plastikmen, Robert Miles and others led to what he himself saw them as pioneers in something that virtually no one do at the time in Portugal, the electronic music. The taste for production, comes from kid, starting to build the first sounds with little existing machines and the software at the time, with only 15 years.

Some years passed, acquiring a wide experience in terms of production and studio but his love for music became a passion for performance. Met a few years later, Dj's of great national name, which gave him the courage to, acted live and to show the world the knowledge he has about everything that concerns the Djing / Production. Your DJ SET's are the result of its ability to externalize and share feelings creating a synergy with those who attend their performances. Already was resident DJ at some of the best clubs nationwide, including the mythical nightclub Kadoc Algarve. Known for his love of music, his dedication to his fans, and his commitment to always offer quality, he built a reputation of class and good charisma that is often lacking in the modern music scene, and proved one of the few artists is proudly true to his principles.

It is fair to say that Hugo Villanova remains one of the most active artists and producers in the dance scene today. Uncompromising and driven by a relentless passion to offer the best for those who enjoy it, Hugo continues to be one of the forces that define the dance music for many years to come.


Singles & EPs

NB081 Hugo Villanova - Airport album art Hugo Villanova Airport(File, MP3, Single, 320) New Breed (4) NB081 Portugal 2013
DIFF001 Hugo Villanova - Movin' album art Hugo Villanova Movin'(File, WAV, Single) Diff Records (4) DIFF001 Portugal 2014
DIFF005 Hugo Villanova - Say Yes (To The World) album art Hugo Villanova, Betake Hugo Villanova, Betake - Say Yes (To The World)(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF005 Portugal 2014
DIFF002 Hugo Villanova - Good Luv album art Hugo Villanova Good Luv(File, MP3, Single) Diff Records (4) DIFF002 Portugal 2014
DIFF003 Hugo Villanova - Just Keep Walking album art Hugo Villanova Just Keep Walking(File, MP3, Single) Diff Records (4) DIFF003 Portugal 2014
DIFF006 Hugo Villanova - Where To Go album art Hugo Villanova, Mod Martin Hugo Villanova, Mod Martin - Where To Go(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF006 Portugal 2015
VUDU031 Hugo Villanova - Paradise Garage / Rollin' EP album art Hugo Villanova Paradise Garage / Rollin' EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Vudu Records (2) VUDU031 UK 2016
DIFF011 Hugo Villanova - Open Your Mind album art Hugo Villanova Open Your Mind(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF011 Portugal 2019
DIFF013 Hugo Villanova - Game Changer album art Hugo Villanova Game Changer(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF013 Portugal 2020
DIFF020 Hugo Villanova - Monologue album art Hugo Villanova Monologue(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF020 Portugal 2020
DIFF019 Hugo Villanova - Kaleidoscope album art Hugo Villanova Kaleidoscope(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF019 Portugal 2020
DIFF016 Hugo Villanova - Bring It Down album art Hugo Villanova Bring It Down(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF016 Portugal 2020
DIFF022 Hugo Villanova - Pumpin album art Hugo Villanova Pumpin(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF022 Portugal 2020
DIFF012 Hugo Villanova - The Power  album art Hugo Villanova The Power (File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF012 Portugal 2020
DIFF018 Hugo Villanova - Solar album art Hugo Villanova Solar(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF018 Portugal 2020
DIFF017 Hugo Villanova - Blocks album art Hugo Villanova Blocks(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF017 Portugal 2020
DIFF015 Hugo Villanova - Disco Returns album art Hugo Villanova Disco Returns(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF015 Portugal 2020
DIFF014 Hugo Villanova - Cosmic album art Hugo Villanova Cosmic(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF014 Portugal 2020
DIFF021 Hugo Villanova - Money Talk album art Hugo Villanova Money Talk(File, MP3, EP) Diff Records (4) DIFF021 Portugal 2020


NB082 Hugo Villanova - Free album art Hugo Villanova Free(2xFile, MP3, 320) New Breed (4) NB082 Portugal 2013
NB080 Hugo Villanova - Lagoon album art Hugo Villanova Lagoon(File, MP3, 320) New Breed (4) NB080 Portugal 2013
NB079 Hugo Villanova - Videogames album art Hugo Villanova Videogames(File, MP3, 320) New Breed (4) NB079 Portugal 2013
NB078 Hugo Villanova - Funky Disco album art Hugo Villanova Funky Disco(File, MP3, 320) New Breed (4) NB078 Portugal 2013
NB083 Hugo Villanova - Cry (In The Streets) album art Hugo Villanova Feat. Kat Blu (2) Hugo Villanova Feat. Kat Blu (2) - Cry (In The Streets)(File, MP3, 320) New Breed (4) NB083 Portugal 2013
NB086 Hugo Villanova - El Baile album art Hugo Villanova El Baile(File, MP3, 320) New Breed (4) NB086 Portugal 2014