Seven Minutes Of Nausea


Seven Minutes Of Nausea, a.k.a. 7MON started in 1985 in Australia with Scut on drums/bass and Mick Hollows on vocals. In January 1990 the group split up and Mick Hollows travelled to Europe continuing Seven Minutes Of Nausea as a one-man project in collaboration with different friends from Germany on the following releases. Their style has influenced a lot of noisecore bands in the early 90's and their releases have cult status.
Nowadays the band is based in Koblenz, Germany and consists of Mick Hollows and Matthias Weigand of Ecocentric Records.
Members:Achim Friederich, Alex (192), Andre (11), Fred Ordonez, Heike (2), Matthias Weigand, Mick Hollows, Nick Snutz, Robin (45), Scut, Seth Putnam, Sindy Wember, Six Six Siggi




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