Al Twisted

Real Name:Al Innes

Glasgow based Hardcore artist.

In 1999 Al Twisted organized his first Twisted event in Edinburgh covering a large spectrum of Hardcore styles, and to this day has promoted countless Hardcore events in Scotland and futher afield.

Between 2004 and 2006, Al Twisted & DJ JFX produced several UK Hardcore tracks and released vinyls on labels like Quosh Records and Thin N' Crispy. Al also made some more Frenchcore orientated tracks and remixes with Rob Da Rhythm which were released on Nukleuz. These tracks appeared on a number of TV advertised compilations at the time.

In 2008 Al had his first solo vinyl appearances on IST and GGM RAW Records.

2009 Al Twisted launched a new Industrial & Darkcore vinyl & digital label Motormouth Recordz, and in 2010 two more Hardcore/Gabber digital labels co-owned with Rob Da Rhythm called Darkside Unleashed and Darkside Underground were born.

2020 - Al Twisted continues to run events, run various sub labels of [l-Twisted] Music, manage a booking Agency (Twisted Artists) and still produce on his own tracks and play out across the world.

Sites:Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , , ,
Aliases:Al Innes, Alkemist, Arch-NME
In Groups:Al Twisted & DJ JFX
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