David Vostell

David Vostell (born 10 October 1960 in Cologne) is a German-Spanish composer and film director. In 2003 he created the Symphony 1 and in 2004 the Symphony 2. In 2005 he composed Formulas of Life. 24 suites associated with 24 key words, such as birth, love and dream. The digital information accompanying the CD shows all 24 words as digitally visualised photomontages which are linked to his compositions. In 2006 David Vostell he composed The universe is music the soundtrack for the video sequences of faraway galaxies transmitted by the Hubble space telescope. The digital information accompanying the CD shows 26 digital photomontages, visualising travel in time and the search for alien life forms in the universe in a concrete way. 2007 - 2016 David Vostell continue to compose suites and soundtracks.


David Vostell Discography Tracks


10872702030401100062013 David Vostell -  Symphony No. 1 & 2 album art David Vostell Symphony No. 1 & 2(4xCD) SDVL Music 10872702030401100062013 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
108727GBL10910011000620132005FdlVELtd. David Vostell -  Formulas Of Life album art David Vostell Formulas Of Life(3xCD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011000620132005FdlVELtd. Spain 2005 Sell This Version
108727GBL10910011000620132007IEltd. David Vostell - Influences album art David Vostell Influences(2xCD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011000620132007IEltd. Spain 2007 Sell This Version
108727GBL10910011000620132008EEMELtd. David Vostell - EEM Erotic-Enlightenment-Mythologies album art David Vostell EEM Erotic-Enlightenment-Mythologies(2xCD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011000620132008EEMELtd. Spain 2008 Sell This Version
108727GBL10910011000620132009VchEltd. David Vostell -  Voyage - Human Body album art David Vostell Voyage - Human Body(2xCD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011000620132009VchEltd. Europe 2009 Sell This Version
108727GBL10910011000620132010SELtd. David Vostell -  Serotonin album art David Vostell Serotonin(2xCD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011000620132010SELtd. Spain 2010 Sell This Version
108727GBL10910011000620132011RELtd. David Vostell -  Room album art David Vostell Room(2xCD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011000620132011RELtd. Europe 2011 Sell This Version
108727GBL10910011000620132012MmELtd. David Vostell -  My Mind album art David Vostell My Mind(2xCD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011000620132012MmELtd. Spain 2012 Sell This Version


108727GBL10910011001220132013SELTD. David Vostell - Solid album art David Vostell Solid(CD) SAGEN 108727GBL10910011001220132013SELTD. Spain 2013 Sell This Version