raison d'être Torniojaws

March 6, 2018
He had an awesome period from mid-90s until early 2000's, but then took a direction that doesn't really talk to me. It seems he mostly abandoned the dark melodies that were so great in the peak period, and turned more into mechanical clattering and random unmusical movements that don't move. Which is a shame, since at peak it's one of the best dark ambient projects I've ever heard.

raison d'être Simoom

June 2, 2021
I get that, but I do find happiness in those clatterings... the sound is more and more fine & exquisite with time. pleases my ears, my brain

raison d'être tinderbox

November 1, 2019
Totally agree, same feeling for me...still cherish the first works.

raison d'être as reviewed by Vinylfly

March 10, 2013
Perfect Suicide Music!

raison d'être SJB

September 27, 2015
Must not be working... I've been listening twenty years. : )

raison d'être Ichneumon

March 24, 2012
One of the true talents in the dark ambient industrial scene and one of my personal inspirations. His work defies the concept of time and never ages. Always pure, always powerful. -RCK (Psychomanteum)

raison d'être as reviewed by grantcorp

October 4, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
I remember seeing Peter at a live performance together with Arcana and Moon Lay Hidden in my hometown sometime in the mid 1990:s. They switched off all the lights in the room, turning it completely pitch black. Then suddenly his face appeared bent over a synthesizer illuminated by a small spotlight, kind of a like a reading lamp. He then proceeded to press a few buttons, the music started playing, and then he uncorked his first beer! I guess performance isn't the exact word; it's hilarious when thinking back, but at the time I wasn't very impressed.

raison d'être

February 16, 2018
edited over 4 years ago
lol perfect random story. I love it!
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