Reaper (2)

Real Name:
Vasi Vallis
Solo project of the keyboard player / producer of the band NamNamBulu.

When musical talent, having a knack for melodies and success in the synthpop section meet up with the wish of making music which sounds a bit harder, then it’s time to succumb to this wish. And this is why Vasi Vallis brought ‘Reaper’ to life in 2005, a music project which was not supposed to follow the path of the softer sounds of ‘NamNamBulu’ and ‘Frozen Plasma’. Basic idea was, that this project should be fun and not take things too seriously.

While hard beats meet with catchy and earworm-like melodies and combine to a danceable mix, which makes the listener hum long parts of the song, the band's lyrics deal with all the clichés that can be subsumed under the superordinate ‘evil’. The band plays quite obviously with topics such as death, Satan, sex and women, not without a healthy portion of sarcasm. Perfectly fitting to all those clichés, ‘Reapers’ first EP was named ‘Angst’.

With their following debut album ‘Hell starts with an H’, Vasi Vallis was joined by Gregor Beyerle to support ‘Combichrist’ on their tour across Europe that made a lot of people fall in love with their music. Songs like ‘Robuste Maschine’ or ‘X-Junkie’ still fill the dance floors of scene clubs around the world.

By the end of 2007 the EP ‘The Devil is Female’ was released and made it directly to #1 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts). What followed was a tour in conspicuous outfits as well as additional musical support on guitars and drums. All that made ‘Reaper’ play the bigger scene festivals around the world.

After taking a creative break, the band is coming back with a new album in 2015 – of course once again with melodies from hell, pure evil and a huge portion of subliminal humour.

For the first time Vasi Vallis was not the only one being responsible for the production - he asked Gregor Beyerle, live keyboarder of Reaper and longtime friend, musician and producer, to help him create a masterpiece. There’s nothing standing in the way for touring with an interesting new live concept in 2015.
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