Daniel Wang

Real Name:Daniel Wang

Born in Northern California, Daniel Wang spent 8 years of his childhood in Taiwan, returned to California for high school, and attended university in New York and Chicago. Instead of finishing his papers, however, he ran out to underground clubs and danced all night to early house music and disco classics, befriending and learning from a few old-school voguers and DJ's along the way.
Dissatisfied with the increasingly unmusical soundtrack of modern nightlife, Danny started Balihu Records in 1993. The first release became a cult success. Danny moved back to NYC and eventually found a job at Dr. Sound Music Store, where he delved deeply into vintage production gear and synths, including the Theremin.
Balihu put out a range of unusual tracks from 1994 to 2000 in the spirit of Philly and Italo Disco, and Wang began producing for the Environ label in 1997. In the past years, he has performed around the world, and his originality is gradually being recognized. , , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , X
Aliases:Bali Hu, Chroma Oscura, Danny Ultra Omni, Dysco D., Oto Gelb, The Morning Kids
In Groups:Light Fantastic
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