The Three Sounds


Strictly speaking, this trio was born as the "Four Sounds" in 1956 in Benton Harbor, Michigan. They became "The Three Sounds" in 1957 when the saxophonist, Lonnie Walker, was dropped from the team when they moved to Washington, D.C.. The trio were 'discovered' by Lou Donaldson when they moved to New York City. They've worked for Nat Adderley (on Riverside) and then released 9 LPs when they signed on to Blue Note Records between 1958-62. They joined Verve and released 2 albums in 1962. Then, they joined Limelight and Mercury (1962-66). Finally, they returned to Blue Note, but with different drummers. By 1973, Gene Harris signed on as a solo artist with Blue Note and that marked the end of the trio.

Members:Andrew Simpkins, Bill Dowdy, Gene Harris
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