Todosantos was formed in 2004 in Caracas, Venezuela by Alberto Stangarone (Sunsplash) and Ernesto Pantin. Francisco Mejía (Pacheko) and Luis Montenegro joined them soon after.

Between 2004 and 2005 Todosantos played Audiovisual shows in Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina as part of the latin underground scene, collaborating with indie collectives such as El Cartero Valiente, A Brave New Radio, and Ponirepublic, as well as rave collectives such as Simpl3, Dikru and BSK, among others. Soon after, they founded their own nights called the 1234567, hosting a number of events that combined live shows, DJ sets and Audiovisual interventions. They released one long play album, Aeropuerto, co-produced in collaboration with a variety of local artists that were part of the Caracas underground scene of the time including Cardopusher, Trujillo, Jimmy Flamante, Helios 7.0 and Claudio Ramirez, among others. Their original sound combined elements of IDM, Indietronica and Post-Punk.

In 2006 Francisco Mejía and Luis Montenegro left the band. Mariana Martín (Mpeach) joined them and the band moved to New York City, where they released one EP called Acid Girlzzz on Flamin' Hotz, featuring remixes by Cardopusher, Le1f & Cousin Cole. This era marked a shift towards a more fast paced Electro, 8-bit, and "Tuki-Bass" sound, integrating elements from Venezuelan and Latin American popular culture into bass heavy beats. The band continued to tour the United States, Canada & Mexico until hiatus in 2009.

Despite a short career held between Caracas and New York City; Todosantos's DIY ethics, no future vibes, and genre-bending aesthetics have been cited as influential by critically acclaimed Venezuelan artists such as La Vida Boheme (Grammy Winners), Los Mesoneros (Grammy Nominees), Americania, and experimental icon Arca among others. Todosantos's brief career bridged the gap between the Indie and electronic scenes, spearheading the rise of a new generation, willing to redefine what Venezuelan rock would sound and look like for years to come.

Between 2003 and 2009, Todosantos won a FNB, Venezuela Pop & Rock Award for Breakthrough Artist, Performed in festivals such as Festival Nuevas Bandas (VEN), Rock en Ñ (ARG), Encuentro Electrónico del Gaitán (Colombia), SXSW (USA), CMJ (USA), Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (USA), Pop Montreal (CAN) and MX Beat (MEX) among others.

Todosantos shared stage with international artists such as Los Amigos Invisibles, Benny Blanco (3), Cut Copy, Digitalism, Jarvis Cocker, Spank Rock, Treasure Fingers, Dre Skull, Yacht, The Slits, Kinky & Plastilina Mosh among others.

Made official remixes for El Guincho & Simon Diaz.

Members:Ernesto Pantin, Francisco Mejía, Leo Aldrey, Mpeach, Sunsplash


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