King Creosote keithjudge

October 28, 2019
Anyone else got a copy of his "I Am 9" CD? Fence Records FNC 09 - Not listed here.

King Creosote Chalkers

June 18, 2020
I've added it to his discography. I'll try and add some of the other's I own where I have time too

King Creosote mozzalini

May 31, 2020
Yes, I've got a copy. Kenny offered early albums for sale via the AETC website a few years ago and I managed to snap up FNC 1-10

King Creosote justicker

January 28, 2020
Yes, i have I AM 9 CD, and it is not listed here.

King Creosote as reviewed by Chalkers

August 19, 2016
This website has a wealth of information; but it fails to provide a comprehensive discography for King Creosote. There are so many releases (mostly CDRs) that have been sold through live shows and at the fence shop that are not mentioned on this website.

I have nothing but the highest respect for King Creosote's attitude towards the industry in which he works; his work ethic, artistic talent as well as showmanship are what makes his career such a joy to follow. I know he'll still be releasing music years from now on his own terms and no-one else's and that it'll most likely still be exceptional! I wait so eagerly for a KC box set that compiles his early CDR albums much like the Lone Pigeon Time Capsule set does as they are so desperately difficult to obtain!

King Creosote pauldelmonte64

February 10, 2019
edited over 2 years ago
And maybe you could add what you know is missing even though the objects are hard to find. I hope they will repress some like they have just done for DIY & Musakal boat ride which I have hurried to buy as soon as they were released.

King Creosote jdcapshew

September 3, 2017
The website is community driven and depends on users to add the missing releases. This has got to be the most comprehensive source available as I've been looking for years to fill in the blanks in my collection.