Swedish Rock'n'Roll / Psychedelic / Folk Rock band, formed in the early sixties near Gothenburg.

Formed in the summer of 1963 as Tages Skiffle-Group by five young teens in the 16-17 age range. On 17 August 1964 they won a pop contest ( "West Coast Beatles", arranged by GT, the first prize was a London trip). Earlier that year, the group had changed its name to Tages, and in October they released the single "Sleep Little Girl", which became a hit and ended up in the Top Ten. Several successful singles followed, including, "I Should Be Glad", "Don't Turn Your Back", "The One For You", "So Many Girls", "I'll Be Doggone", "In My Dreams" and "Miss Mac Baren". "Every Raindrop Means A Lot" was the group's first psychedelic-inspired single; it was released in early 1967. In November of the same year Tages released the LP Tages - Studio. The album has in recent years risen high on various lists. In spring 1968, Tages entered the Top Ten for the last time, with "There's a Blind Man Playing Fiddle in the Street". On August 31, 1968. Tommy Blom decided to leave the group. The other band members wanted to continue, and in June 1969 they changed the name to Blond (3) which resulted in the album Blond (3) - The Lilac Years, also released with a different cover and a different sequence of the same tracks as Blond (3) - Blond. , Facebook , Wikipedia , Wikipedia
Members:Anders Töpel, Danne Larsson, Freddie Skantze, Göran Lagerberg, Lasse Svensson, Tommy Blom, Tommy Tausis
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