Bad Behaviour (2)


Producer team from Darwen, UK.

Sales of over 30,000 vinyl records.
Featured on and mixed multiple compilation albums released worldwide.
Performed at many of the top nightclubs in the UK & abroad.
Consecutive winners of the 'Producer of the Year' & 'Record Label of the Year' at the first ever Bounce Heaven Awards in 2008, and again in 2009.

Bad Behaviour started early in 2005 a little after Dean's first release as 'The Naughty Boyz' (I Feel Love) was doing the rounds on the club circuit with both Ben & Andrew helping push the track playing it regularly in their sets. The trio had met through their love of dance music & djing and it didn't take very long for them to get together in the studio. With both Ben & Andrew holding residencies at two of the north west's most popular clubs & events, they had the perfect platform to 'road test' their tracks which allowed them too quickly learn what it was that the crowd wanted. Over the next few years they earned themselves a reputation as one of the top players in the UK Bounce scene, a scene that was just at this point reaching boiling point. Numerous major labels where commissioning remixes, and signing from the bounce scene, and both ministry of sounds & all around the world released compilation albums aimed at the bounce scene.

In september 2008 the bounce scene went to even greater heights with the debut of Bounce Heaven, a brand new event aiming to showcase the biggest names in the uk bounce scene all on one single lineup. Bad Behaviour where always a favourite at these events and held a residency their which saw them perform at almost every single event.

Unfortunately throughout 2010 and 2011 due to personal circumstances the trio where not able to dedicate the time and effort to their work as they would of liked and in 2011 they officially performed their last gig after a 7 year long run in the scene.

Fast forward 12 months... and the guys are back for one night only, performing at 'Bounce Heaven presents. Culmination' a 12 hour outdoor dance music festival, featuring Fresh*, Sanctuary, Sopranos, Overdose and many more.
Bad Behaviour Discography
Bad Behaviour - Someday 2005
Bad Behaviour - Frozen
Bad Behaviour - Time To Burn
Bad Behaviour - Just Begun
Bad Behaviour - What Have You Got 4 Me
Bad Behaviour - The Finest
Bad Behaviour - Fly Away With You
Bad Behaviour - Everyday
Bad Behaviour - Touch Me
Bad Behaviour - I Remember
Bad Behaviour - Hit The Floor
Bad Behaviour - Wat You Do (Playing With Stones)
Bad Behaviour feat Toni Leo - If Its Goodbye
Behaving Badly - Your Caress
Behaving Badly - Makin Miracles
Aftershock - Dance To The House (Bad Behaviour Remix)
DJ Karma & Niki X - Slip & Slide (Bad Behaviour Remix)
4Sins - Frozen (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Uproar - Brass Disc (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Alan Aztec - Hideaway (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Audiorush - My Only (Bad Behaviour Remix)
JCB - Neckbreaker (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Delusion - Never Gunna Let You Go (Bad Behaviour Remix)
DJ Karma & Niki X - Nobody Else (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Paradise - See The Light (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Dave Austin - Rumpshaker (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Hyper Deejays - The Best (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Q-Tex - Power Of Love (Bad Behaviour Remix)
King Size Cover - You Make Me Feel Good (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Dada feat Trix - Lollipop (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Aida Corr feat Fedde Le Grande - Let Me Think About It (Bad Behaviour Remix)
XTV - Show Me Love (Bad Behaviour Remix)
DP Allstars - Spank (Do Me Baby) (Bad Behaviour Remix)
The Freakz - The Creeps (Bad Behaviour Remix)
X-Steam - Thru The Glass (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Sound Selektaz - Umbrella (Bad Behaviour Remix)
JK vs Stempy Beat It (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Hyper Deejays - Dont Stop Movin (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Alex Gaudino - Watch Out (Bad Behaviour Remix)
September - Cry For You (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Sash - Ecuador (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Nysse & Hilton - Silverwater (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Peter Gelderblom - Waiting For (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Josh J feat Carney - (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Utah Saints - Something Good 08 (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Angel City - 24/7 (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Bang vs Paradise - Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Ultrasun - We Can Runaway (Bad Behaviour Remix)
DHT - Listen To Your Heart (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Future Freakz - A Week Ago (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Digital Devotion - Heaven (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Lasgo - Out Of My Mind (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Crystal Rose - Eye In The Sky (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Geo Da Silva - Do You Like A Truck (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Insight - If Thats Alright With You (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Chanel - Dance (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Manian - Hold Me Tonight (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Lasgo - Out Of My Mind (Bad Behaviour Remix)
Other acts associated with Bad Behaviour
3Style (Bon Lee, Andrew Green, Dean Morgan)
Mad4Music (Bon Lee, Andrew Green, Dean Morgan, Sally Corlette, Paul Crawley)
The Naughty Boyz (Dean Morgan)
D&G (Dean Morgan & Andrew Green)
The BG's (Bon Lee & Andrew Green)
The Rush Pusher (Andrew Green)
AMpm (Andrew Green & Matt Wigman)
DNA (Dean Morgan & Andy Thompson)

Contact: [email protected]

Aliases:3Style (2)
Members:Andrew Green (3), Dean M, DJ Bon Lee, The Rush Pusher, The Sound Pounder
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