The Stuntmasterz are famous for their trademark 'mash up' formula, which consists of mixing two tracks together, giving ultimately a third track. They were first noticed with their bootleg "Holiday Sounds Better With You", which used an homemade acapella of Madonna's "Holiday" over Stardust's replayed sample of "Music Sounds Better With You" (originally from Chaka Khan).
Their following project, "The Ladyboy Is Mine", mixed Brandy (2) & Monica's "The Boy Is Mine" with Modjo's "Lady". It went on to be very popular and was even released commercially. It initiated a lot of people to the 'mash up' process, which gained in popularity ever since.

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Stuntmasterz - The Ladyboy Is Mine album art Stuntmasterz The Ladyboy Is Mine (Single) EastWest, EastWest UK 2001 Sell This Version

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