David Guetta

Real Name:Pierre David Guetta

Born November 7. 1967 in Paris, France. He's been a DJ at several different clubs since the early 1980's. Started DJing aged sixteen at Paris’ Broad Club. His first album, "Just A Little More Love", was released in 2002, ten years after his first single "Up & Away". He is probably the most prominent producer of the Euro Dance revival of the late 2000s up into the 2010s, having recorded a string of highly successful commercial dance records with R&B and pop vocalists such as Kelly Rowland, Ludacris or Sia. , , Facebook , Facebook , Flickr , Instagram , , MySpace , , Tiktok , , X , , What Gear , Wikipedia , YouTube , YouTube , YouTube
Aliases:Jack Back, Jack Hisbach
In Groups:Africanism, David Guetta & Joachim Garraud, Logic (8)
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