David Guetta Donald237

December 3, 2018
Some people here seriously need to take a look at his Jack Back alias, nothing but more underground tracks with this one (besides Wild Ones Two). He dug it up again and released 3 techy originals with it. Pretty interesting!

David Guetta terence_evergreen

October 22, 2018
No kidding. David Guetta is a hack. He's a joke.

David Guetta pascalgodefroy

September 14, 2018
edited 6 months ago
C'est toujours marrant d'entendre dire que la musique de David Guetta sonne toujours pareil ou n'invente rien/répète toujours la même formule, car selon les personnes, j'entends exactement le même dire au sujet de la musique underground/Techno/Electro..., ce n'est qu'une question de point de vue.
Mainstream ou underground... peu importe, il me semble juste évident que certaines musiques plaisent a un plus grand nombre plutôt que d'autres.
Guetta est un excellent exemple de réussite, oui, sa musique me procure de l'émotion et dès demain c'est sans remords que je vais succombé au numéro 7...

David Guetta AskeladdenBlack

September 7, 2018
edited 7 months ago
I cant imagine David giving 1 shit about what is said about him on Discogs, he sees making music as a way of making lots of money nothing new about that. Why state the obvious about him, he has nothing to do with what you are about, UR and Robert Hood are over there, praise away.

David Guetta ijustspeak

July 14, 2018
EDM is coming to an end. Other trendy music is on the doorstep ready to take over and jump in line on a trail of used glowsticks and thrown birthday cakes. At the tip of the spear is Guetta who already seems to be washed up, dried and thrown back into the ring to squeeze out the very last dollar, fame and cheese to please festival goers around the globe.
Guetta is the most obvious artist to strung up the pole to take the last bullet. He is after all a puppet controlled by a puppeteer (at least back then when he was married with mogul Cathy Lobé). His companions in the business Calvin Harris and Aoki seems to fare better on the dying crest of the wave, since they seem to be more "at-hand" with their business. For them they seem to move on, but for Guetta, he will be the guy who died along with EDM.
But i think these teenagers are starting to look elsewhere, looking for the next big genre to grow out and sell out.
I think soon, the Guetta money machine is slowly fading into obscurity, His new 2018 album is going to bomb on the charts, and could probably be the album that marks the end of an era. It´s over, the party has ended, the last cheese has been played.
We have seen it in recent times, the formula repeat itself, genres spring out, gets branded and sold and then finally ends up on the bin, used and abused. Money has come and gone and along with it, the artist who was branded alongside the genre gets washed away.

The "Fuck Me Im Famous" stores is soon boarded up, and the EDM machine is almost gone.. God knows what is taking over. I just think Guetta will be the one to take the fall while the others stand watching..

David Guetta ColonelTirpitz

August 2, 2018
I agree "Ijustspeak"

I have never understood why david guetta became that famous back then since there were other artists doing exact the similar music but better .

My guess he's one of these rich families that got everything so easy that i think his father or so did all for him without that david guetta fought to be popular like many other artist that started with Zero money and had no help from people .

No wonder he's in the act from Tommorow Land alot of these so called artists are all wannabes thinking they invent something new but how can electronic music evolve in electronic music ? since everything has been approached in the 80's and 90's . Thats why some styles of electronic music failed in the years 2005-20?? such as Drum&Bass that sounds more Trance-ish with boring female voices or other voices than being the pure dark drum&bass like Ed Rush with the Torque album for example , same goes for the deep dark Techno/Minimal Techno we had in the 90's that took us to the guts , the techno/minimal techno quality has vanished in 2004 alo there they added those annoying female voices etc.... something that was never used or very seldomy , thats why labels such as Tresor , Construct Rhythm , Fine Audio Recordings , Advanced Records , etc... are great examples of what Techno/Minimal Techno once was .

Nowadays music offers nothing interesting anymore they are ruined by those reality tv shows and offers the same boring stuff over and over . Yes pop music was once excellent nowadays it's comedia dell'arte . The R 'n B gets on my nerves and the Rap music preach to say peaceful messages yet more than 85% of these artists are drug addicts, very violent , alcoholics and hates everyone .

To me the Music sector on it's whole is sick and needs to return back to offer us "quality" like how it was in the 1950-1998 era with great artists, bands, etc.... Also the sheep mainstream people should more appreciate music instead of using their smartphones filming a live concert something i hate in this "smartphone" era .

David Guetta ColonelTirpitz

March 4, 2018
What to do say about this clown poser dj , even a clown has better merit for his/her work than this thing named David Guetta .

Ok new generations without taste will surely love this thing dj but his music is the same over and over just like other things poser dj's do such as Dj Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold , etc....even Moby has became a thing nowadays .

Calling that "thing" by the name David Guetta "the king of electronic music" is really out of place and a disgrace to what the real pioneers were such as Chello, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Lenny Dee ,.... Then we have names like Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills, Cari Lekebush , Massimo Vivona to name a few , that are far more superior and worked really hard their asses some of them even went unknown artists because of that "thing" poser dj david guetta that thinks he can make music sure he can with others help and with computer programms that do it all for you nowadays making music is very easy ( you can make a dozen of albums daily if you want with some computer programms is a fact ) . That "thing" guetta is a shame how can people like his music it hasn't emotion, no soul , you can easily hear the odor of money money ( buy my shit, buy my shit ) in his music and nothing else .

Then that "thing" guetta needs a whole stage for himself and his crew members in a 5Star hotel which he never respect the rooms because they're constantly drunk and using drugs and poop and vomit everywhere . But thats another story

Anyway david guetta is in no way an artist he's just a "thing" like many "things" nowadays that only thinks about money and lost their hearts to offer the real valor in what electronic music once was .

David Guetta LivinHappy

March 31, 2018
I agree with that point of view. When you hear a song of david guetta, you don't feel anything because it's not made with the heart but just in order to earn money easily.

David Guetta kangalic

April 16, 2017
In the light that vinyl is THRIVING>>>>>>> He's not putting his new singles out on 12"???? WTF?!!

David Guetta earwax7

August 15, 2016
I just heard the telly say David Guetta King of electronic music,,,,please where does that put kraftwerk ?

David Guetta .iQ.

January 29, 2017
Don't watch telly! Television is the drug of nation!
Stay underground dude....its way better :-)

David Guetta bellymcr

July 24, 2016
I think it's possible for a music critic to appreciate commercial pop artists such as Mr Guetta for what they do - providing the masses with easy to listen to, catchy pop melodies to whistle to as we go about our daily lives. Obviously I don't speak for those who prefer to listen to a cooler, more underground artist but I doubt they'd be here reading this anyway. Each to their own as the saying goes.

David Guetta as reviewed by Crijevo

June 26, 2016
Every artist has the right to exist just as every listener has the right to resist. David Guetta, your name stands for bad taste. Period.

David Guetta as reviewed by ischivezon

November 11, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
he made some pretty tight electro bangers around 2007, but nowadays he just does a ton of hyper-melodic catchy tracks that are simply just boring. the structure is repetitive, the beats are weak, the melodies are catchy but boring, the mix is quiet and is clean in all of the worst ways, the only modern track i can think of that i like from him was metropolis with the nice dubstep-influenced bassline, but other than that there is nothing special here. not bad to the point of it being legitimately annoying to hear, it's produced ok, but over all is just mediocre, or at least he has been for the last five years. his best tracks are almost always his instrumental tracks, so here's a rule of thumb, if it features some big singer on it, avoid it. if it's just him, give it a listen, some of his instrumental tracks like 'the alphabeat' are good enough that i might buy an unofficial single if it's cheap enough in the record store but other than that avoid him. i do reject the idea that his music has mistakes in it, because it doesn't. he doesn't take risks. but where is music is just okay his djing is straight up awful or pre-recorded.

David Guetta TDPEJ

August 26, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
I'm an old clubber, kind of bedroom D.J. (because I like to collect vinyl records and play or mix them in the calm of my house) and think I can tell few things about the actual state of things, so let me start to discuss about David Guetta.
He started his career at the end of the 90s and in that time France, the club scene was pretty cool.
These were the days when Bob Sinclar, Cassius, Daft Punk (just to name few) released a plethora of cool and catchy anthems (if not four stars artist albums).
Being here on Discogs, I think some people knows too the beginnings of the artists mentioned above and also the complete diversity of their first albums compared to their last ones.
But let's go back to Mr. Guetta: after having produced two commercially-critically well received first albums (very close to the core idea of "French Touch") for him was quite difficult to make a third release which was able to be in the same high standards as the previous releases so his ruin (musically speaking) was entering in the american market.
A lot of people in the American music business doesn't seem to have a proper clue about what is proper dance music so they wanted somebody as a "counsellor"...for Mr. Guetta was of course the occasion of a lifetime.
Always speaking in musical terms, David Guetta was able (with also a lot of American producers (whom are always the same ones...)) to create an unholy hybrid of pop and dance music, with very weird results.
From his arrival in 2007 in the USA, every release from every single one-time pop phenomenon to well estabilished acts just released the same sounding records.
The problem is that the target audience likes a lot this product like a pre-cooked food.
Every other pop producer then copied the winning formula (if we can call it like that...) and voila, the music world became ruined.
What people just doens't think about is that NOT every record can have electronic samples or being computer generated, but think the main problem comes when the actual artists are just puppets in a recording studio while the producers are actually the ones doing all the job, even changing the diaper to those persons.
Artists (well, better avoid exagerations...) are just products in order to bring money home to their owners (the labels, the producers and the commercial brands which actually "own" them).
So in the end, Mr. Guetta just make records to pay the bills as he completely lost the real will to make records or play gigs as in the past.
Actually, in my country, our hero should have done a "live" DJ set but the poor guy lost his usb angry clubbing crowd followed...also because nobody gave a refund for the tickets...
That's the main problem, at least for me.
David Guetta lost his passion for his job and he's not the only one (we can talk about many other DJs whom sold their soul for the mere money).

David Guetta mopem

May 26, 2018
I think it is a very factual and accurate statement. The prose of life. It only hurts that such "artists" will sell not only their music, but also passion ... I will repeat. The prose of life.

David Guetta Anthony-Lee

June 3, 2015
the haters : it's not the "real" music for you because you don't like this style but respect him ! Every artist had the right to exist.
Me i hate so many hard rockers and rapers but some people like them... Nobody like the same music.
You don't like, ok, but don't say bad things.
David Guetta loves electronic musics, and he's good in him style.
I can't understand the people who break the artist who don't listen.
Sorry for my english... But i'm a good french :)

David Guetta SLAWEK.PL

June 17, 2014
so.. what can i write about him? for me he's a big mistake.this is "producer" created to make more money for big corporations. his music? umm.. this is not a music,this is only a business product,without emotions, passion, without love to music. shame on you mr guetta

David Guetta totalDJ

April 18, 2013
David Pierre Guetta - Top Dancefloor Producer In The World

David Guetta scherben

October 6, 2013
The world you're referring to being Pluto?

David Guetta ijustspeak

January 6, 2012
Oh dear, DJ Tiesto, step aside and pass your tarnished crown, there is a new kid in town.

Every now and then in the commercial dance scene a new guy pops up and suddenly is everywhere, doing collaboration with every shitty artist out there. This guy is so overwhelming that i feel sick at times. Just loads of rubbish, bland cheap produced wank..
This man needs to curl up and die. Such a disgrace for "Club Music". Anyone can be Guetta.. He is just lucky enough to front all this nonsense.

On an end note, i read on his FB Info:

"As one of the most in demand producers on the planet, David Guetta is poised to take electronic music
out of the confines of the global underground"

I really hope he doesn`t... Underground is my life.