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Adriano Celentano

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Adriano Celentano
Adriano Celentano is Italian singer, songwriter, actor, director and showman, born 6 January 1938 in Milan, Italy.
He is married to Claudia Mori and he is father of Rosalinda Celentano, Rosita Celentano and Giacomo Celentano. Celentano has been a creator of a comic genre in the movies, with his characteristic walking and his facial expressions. Lately, Celentano has often been working as a host for several Italian television shows.
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Adriano Celentano Discography


LPJ 5008 Adriano Celentano Con Giulio Libano E La Sua Orchestra* Adriano Celentano Con Giulio Libano E La Sua Orchestra* - Il Tuo Bacio E' Come Un Rock (Album) Jolly Hi-Fi Records LPJ 5008 Italy 1960 Sell This Version
LPJ 5017 Adriano Celentano Furore (Album) Jolly Hi-Fi Records LPJ 5017 Italy 1961 Sell This Version
LPJ 5021 Adriano Celentano Peppermint Twist (Album) Jolly Hi-Fi Records LPJ 5021 Italy 1962 Sell This Version
LPJ 5025 Adriano Celentano A New Orleans Jolly Hi-Fi Records LPJ 5025 Italy 1963 Sell This Version
ACC. 40000 Adriano Celentano Uno Strano Tipo(LP) Clan Celentano ACC. 40000 Italy 1963 Sell This Version
ACC-S/LP- 40002 Adriano Celentano Non Mi Dir (Album) Clan Celentano ACC-S/LP- 40002 Italy 1965 Sell This Version
ACC S/LP 40007 Adriano Celentano Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck (Album) Clan Celentano ACC S/LP 40007 Italy 1966 Sell This Version
BF.LP.501, BF/LP 501 Adriano Celentano Adriano Rock (Album) Clan Celentano, Clan Celentano BF.LP.501, BF/LP 501 Italy 1968 Sell This Version
ACC/LP 40011 Adriano Celentano Azzurro (Album) Clan Celentano ACC/LP 40011 Italy 1968 Sell This Version
BF LP 502 Adriano* Le Robe Che Ha Detto Adriano (Album) Clan Celentano BF LP 502 Italy 1969 Sell This Version
BFML-LP 700 Adriano Celentano Il Forestiero (Album) Clan Celentano BFML-LP 700 Italy 1970 Sell This Version
BFML/LP 602 Adriano Celentano Er Piu' (Storia D'Amore E Di Coltello) (Album) Clan Celentano BFML/LP 602 Italy 1971 Sell This Version
NASM 38 Adriano Celentano I Mali Del Secolo (Album) Clan Celentano NASM 38 Italy 1972 Sell This Version
87 325 IT Adriano Celentano Nostalrock (Album) Clan Celentano 87 325 IT Germany 1973 Sell This Version
AL - 15.014 Adriano Celentano Con Nostalgia(LP) Alamo AL - 15.014 Spain 1974 Sell This Version
54361 Adriano Celentano Prisencolinensinainciusol(LP, S/Edition) Orlador, Circulo De Lectores, S.A. 54361 Spain 1974 Sell This Version
88.984-I Adriano Celentano Yuppi Du (Album) Clan Celentano 88.984-I Spain 1975 Sell This Version
40 CLN 86013 Adriano Celentano Svalutation (Album) Clan Celentano 40 CLN 86013 Italy 1976 Sell This Version
9031 74419-4 Adriano Celentano Disco Dance (Album) Clan Celentano, Clan Celentano 9031 74419-4 Italy 1977 Sell This Version
25 181 OT Adriano Celentano Tecadisk (Album) Clan Celentano 25 181 OT Netherlands 1977 Sell This Version
SPAT 4028 Adriano Celentano Ti Avrò (Album) Clan Celentano SPAT 4028 Portugal 1978 Sell This Version
200 198, 200 198-320 Adriano Celentano Geppo Il Folle (Album) Clan Celentano, Clan Celentano 200 198, 200 198-320 Germany 1978 Sell This Version
913 290, 300410, 300411 Adriano Celentano Me, Live! (Album) Clan Celentano 913 290, 300410, 300411 France 1977 Sell This Version
200 687-I Adriano Celentano Soli (Album) Clan Celentano 200 687-I Spain 1979 Sell This Version
CLN 20201 Adriano Celentano Un Po' Artista Un Po' No (Album) Clan Celentano CLN 20201 Turkey 1980 Sell This Version


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July 15, 2015
Adriano Vincent Celentano was born in Milan at house number 14 in the street Via Gluck (on later wrote a poem about his native streets "Il Ragazzo della via Gluck", who was a popular during the '70s). His father, Vincent Celentano was originally from Foggia, a city in the southern Italian province of Puglia, from where they moved to the north for work and a better life.

Vincent Celentano was fascinated with Elvis Presley and in the early 1950s, after he was called the Italian Elvis, and even shook his hips and danced like Elvis. After that, in his early stages, Vincent was known as the hula hoop dancer. His career has lasted 40 years and in Italy is one of the most enduring singing stars. Adriano Vincent Celentano sold more than a million records, appeared in countless TV shows and many movies.

He recorded 40 albums, 29 of which are studio albums, a compilation of 8 and 3 live albums. The most popular song that was performed was probably Azzurro published in 1968, which was later covered by many other musicians. This song was a sort of a tribute to his father Vincent Celentano. Other famous songs are Salts, Il Tempo Se Ne Va Per AVERT, etc. Confess. His song Ventiquattromila was performed in the famous film "Do You Remember Dolly Bell" of the film director Emir Kusturica.

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