Bootsauce was founded in 1989 in Montreal; the band was conceived when Drew Ling and Pere Fume hooked up with Sonny Greenwich, Jr. after they all met by chance in future manager Steven Shipp's office. They combined soul, funk and metal sounds and were (and still are) considered by many to have a timeless sound, unreplicated by any other group since. Even though Bootsauce was compared to RHCP in many ways; the former had a sound that evolved with every record release. The band had a pair of top 40 singles at home over four albums; their biggest hits being "Love Monkey #9" and the cover of Hot Chocolate "Everyone's a Winner". Two of their albums, "The Brown Album" and "Bull" achieved Gold status in Canada. Even decades later, the band has a loyal fanbase.

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Members:Alan Baculis, Drew Ling, Fanny, John Lalley, Johnny Frappe, Perry Johnson, Sonny Greenwich Jr.




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