MC Hammer luigi700

August 7, 2018
Haters will hate but Hammer put out some great music. A lot of people owe their style of dance or their endorsements to Hammer. He was the first to do it big like he did in Hip Hop whether some ignorant rap fans want to accept the fact or not. I'm a hardcore hip hop fan and I love Hammer's music, there's always room all styles of rap in the hip hop genre. Hammer will always have the respect of his peers and people who looked up to him, those who hate on him will never be the humanitarian and influential positive person he was.

MC Hammer ARW747

February 15, 2016
MC Hammer was never wack. Gangsta rap & stupid rock was and is forever totally wack. and yeah, I use to listen to that trash noise genre but not anymore. :-)

MC Hammer kuma.chan

August 4, 2010
They don't come much wacker do they? Except for that Vanilla Ice dude!

MC Hammer dwugzhh

February 8, 2016
What Kuma said! Nothing less he brings nostalgia and cheese.

MC Hammer steamybrown2003

February 5, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
WORD!!! It is definitely, and always will be, "Hammertime"! Seriously, a true pioneer of Hip Hop, with no other Rap artist, then or since, having a stage show like this man. At his peak, he was on par with Prince, Madonna, Janet, & Michael as a fierce all-out entertainer.

MC Hammer vinylfeva

October 27, 2010
Hammer was in no shape or form 'wack.' He had raw talent and great appeal. For those who wanted rap to be an edgier qenre and not 'pop', back then, were the ones who disapproved of his efforts. Many other artist had similar styles (besides Vanilla Ice), but they didn't catch the same flack as Hammer did. Hammer was just a scape goat because he was the most popular; just like Soulja Boy. But that's another conversation.