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Shock Stars


Shock Stars started as a small project between Lucky Boys Confusion frontman Stubhy Pandav and Chicago DJs Steve Smooth and JJ Flores in 2005. They release a couple of songs ("End of Chicago", "Trying Too Hard") and received positive feedback. They decided to put a full band together at the end of 2006 and release an EP, entitled Shock Stars EP. Joining the existing trio were Brian Lee (Guitars, Vocals), Brian Sherman (Guitars, Vocals) and Joel Maske (Drums).

The band played their first show in April 2007 at the legendary Double Door in Chicago to a sold out crowd. A good amount of hype and success was to follow. Just 4 months after their 1st show, Shock Stars played one of the main stages at Lollapalooza 2007. They continued to play all over the Midwest at venues such as the Metro (Chicago), House of Blues (Chicago) & the Rave (Milwaukee).

In October of 2007, Shock Stars released the follow up to their self titled EP, entitled Feel For a Heartbeat. With strong singles like "EMT," "Baby Baby" and "I Got A Feeling," the band seemed destined for the big time. In early 2008, they added Timm Spinn (Bass) to the mix. In the spring of 2008, Shock Stars teamed up with Engineer Sean O'Keefe (Smart Studios, Madison, WI) to record 2 new songs called "World is on Fire" and "Love/Hate (So Chicago)."

By the end of summer 2008, Shock Stars ran into "creative differences" and decided to go their separate ways.
Members:JJ Flores, Kaustubh Pandav, Steve Stanula


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