Susumu Yokota

Real Name:横田 進 (Yokota Susumu)

Japanese techno and ambient composer (used mainly the katakana of name: ススム・ヨコタ).

Born: 22 April 1960 in Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.
Died: 27 March 2015 in Japan (aged 54).

Yokota was well known as an artist releasing music across styles of electronic, ambient, and avant-garde fields. He was also a house & techno music DJ in the earlier part of his career.

He is probably best known outside of Japan for the releases he did on British labels The Leaf Label and latterly Lo Recordings, though he also released much stuff on his own Japanese Skintone label. , Bandcamp , , , Wikipedia
Aliases:246, Anima Mundi (2), Ebi, Frankfurt-Tokio-Connection, Prism, Ringo (3), Stevia, Tenshin, Tokyo Cult House, Y, Yin & Yang
In Groups:Bamboo Data, Mantaray, Sonic Sufi
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