Susumu Yokota

Real Name:
横田進 (Yokota Susumu)
Japanese techno and ambient composer (used mainly the katakana of name: ススム・ヨコタ).

Born: 22 April 1960 in Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.
Died: 27 March 2015 in Japan (aged 54).

Yokota was well known as an artist releasing music across styles of electronic, ambient, and avant-garde fields. He was also a house & techno music DJ in the earlier part of his career.

He is probably best known outside of Japan for the releases he did on British labels The Leaf Label and latterly Lo Recordings, though he also released much stuff on his own Japanese Skintone label.
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HH LP 3 Susumu Yokota - The Frankfurt-Tokyo Connection album art Yokota* The Frankfurt-Tokyo Connection (Album) Harthouse HH LP 3 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
Srcd. 101 Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt.Fuji = 赤富士 album art ススム ヨコタ* Acid Mt.Fuji = 赤富士 (Album) Sublime Records (3) Srcd. 101 Japan 1994 Sell This Version
HH 1036-2 Susumu Yokota - Cat, Mouse And Me album art Yokota* Cat, Mouse And Me (Album) Harthouse HH 1036-2 US 1997 Sell This Version
STR02, STR 02 Susumu Yokota - Image 1983 - 1998 album art Susumu Yokota Image 1983 - 1998 (Album) Skintone, Skintone STR02, STR 02 Japan 1998 Sell This Version
STR01 Susumu Yokota - Magic Thread album art Susumu Yokota Magic Thread (Album) Skintone STR01 Japan 1998 Sell This Version
SBL 12 LP Susumu Yokota - 1998 album art Susumu Yokota 1998 (Album) Sublime Records (3) SBL 12 LP Japan 1998 Sell This Version
NSC-CD002 Susumu Yokota - Greenpeace album art Susumu Yokota Presents Stevia Susumu Yokota Presents Stevia - Greenpeace(CD) NS-Com NSC-CD002 Japan 1998 Sell This Version
SBLLP015 Susumu Yokota - 1999 album art Susumu Yokota 1999 Sublime Records (3) SBLLP015 Japan 1999 Sell This Version
STR03 Susumu Yokota - Sakura album art Susumu Yokota Sakura (Album) Skintone STR03 Japan 1999 Sell This Version
STR04 Susumu Yokota - Mix album art Susumu Yokota Mix(CD, Album) Skintone STR04 Japan 1999 Sell This Version
SBLLP017 Susumu Yokota - Zero album art Susumu Yokota Zero (Album) Sublime Records (3) SBLLP017 Japan 2000 Sell This Version
BAY 20V Susumu Yokota - Will album art Susumu Yokota Will (Album) Skintone BAY 20V UK 2001 Sell This Version
BAY 17CD Susumu Yokota - Grinning Cat album art Susumu Yokota Grinning Cat (Album) Skintone BAY 17CD UK 2001 Sell This Version
IDCS-1002 Susumu Yokota - Zero Remixes album art Susumu Yokota Zero Remixes(CD, Album) Sublime Records (3) IDCS-1002 Japan 2001 Sell This Version
EXLP0202 Susumu Yokota - Sound Of Sky album art Susumu Yokota Sound Of Sky (Album) Sublime Records (3) EXLP0202 UK 2002 Sell This Version
STR-08 Susumu Yokota - The Boy And The Tree album art Susumu Yokota The Boy And The Tree (Album) Leaf, Skintone STR-08 Japan 2002 Sell This Version
STR-09UK Susumu Yokota - Laputa album art Susumu Yokota Laputa (Album) Skintone STR-09UK UK 2003 Sell This Version
PLAY 005 CD Susumu Yokota - Over Head album art Susumu Yokota Over Head (Album) Play Label PLAY 005 CD Japan 2003 Sell This Version
STR-10 Susumu Yokota - Symbol album art Susumu Yokota Symbol (Album) Skintone STR-10 Japan 2004 Sell This Version
usb-003cd Susumu Yokota - Baroque album art Susumu Yokota Baroque(CD, Album) United Sounds Of Blue usb-003cd Japan 2004 Sell This Version
LCD 56 Susumu Yokota - Distant Sounds Of Summer album art Susumu Yokota & Rothko Susumu Yokota & Rothko - Distant Sounds Of Summer (Album, MiniAlbum) Lo Recordings LCD 56 UK 2005 Sell This Version
LCD57 Susumu Yokota - Wonder Waltz album art Susumu Yokota Wonder Waltz (Album) Skintone LCD57 UK 2006 Sell This Version
KOPLAT-01 Susumu Yokota - Triple Time Dance album art Susumu Yokota Triple Time Dance(CD, Mixed) Koplatiko KOPLAT-01 Japan 2006 Sell This Version
STR-13 Susumu Yokota - Love Or Die album art Susumu Yokota Love Or Die (Album) Skintone STR-13 Japan 2007 Sell This Version
HH D 005-4 Susumu Yokota - Psychic Dance album art Yokota* Psychic Dance (Album) Harthouse Digital HH D 005-4 Germany 2009

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September 6, 2021
Susumu's prolific body of work distinguishes him as a true master of his craft. His sample library is impeccably chosen and masterfully manipulated to generate moods ranging from eerie to exuberant. I would love to have had the opportunity to listen to Susumu speak about his work, if he were interested. The unique nature of each chosen sample and the way in which they are manipulated begs the question. There must be a story behind each one.


March 16, 2021
edited 6 months ago
Susumu is looking down on his legacy and all of you wonderful souls digging his music, generating joy each time the record spins; drinking tea, and patiently waiting for the next life :)

and a small tribute to Jun Seba - another Japanese pioneer lost to unfortunate circumstance


January 12, 2021
Rest in peace, sir. A true visionary who's gifted me some restful nights of sleep.


August 30, 2018
A true MASTER.... May God bless your soul Susumu for the beautiful, reflective and deep music you left this planet.


December 7, 2017
What a great pity. I just found out about his death reading these comments and the tears come to my eyes. I am really sad, his music seemed to me of incomparable beauty. I wish him the best, wherever he is. His legacy will last forever.


March 27, 2016
I think that his spirit is still alive.... I love him.


January 27, 2016
edited over 6 years ago
I was in musical and personal mourning when I discovered last year that Susumu had died... man what a loss to electronic music, yet let's flip this around: what a gain to electronic music his life was! If you are reading this I implore you to seek out and listen to his works - a breath-takingly innovative man with amazing ideas and limitless ability. A real fucking legend type-of-guy. RIP mate, thanks for everything! Alec x


January 7, 2016
I knew it today... :( sad news. I totally agree - this pure Soul produced such humble, human, meditative and emotive Music.
Thank you Susumu!!! :)

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