Amedeo Tommasi

Real Name:Amedeo Tommasi

Italian jazz pianist and composer.

Born: 1 December 1935 in Trieste, Italy.
Death: 14 April 2021 in Rome, Italy

Thought one the most talented pianist of his generation, Tommasi came to light in 1960, during a radio transmission entitled "La coppa di jazz". He took part in the 1961 editions of the St. Vincent, Comblain La Tour, and San Remo Festivals. During the same year he was awarded first prize at the Bled Festival in Yugoslavia, for the small ensemble category. On that occasion he was congratulated heartily by John Lewis himself!

He has often performed abroad, and has recorded with Buddy Collette, Conte Candoli, and Jacques Peltzer. A curious item is the fact that, before dedicating himself to modern jazz, he used to play the trombone in the Dixieland "Panigal Jazz Band" of Bologna. Apart from writing the well known "Ballata In Forma Di Blues", some other works of his are: "Zamboni 22" (composed in Bologna), " Autostrada del Sole", and "Ballad For Micheline". , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Amedeo Forte, Atmo (2), Jarrell, Konnell, Mantissa (2), Silva Savigni
In Groups:Amedeo Tommasi E La Sua Orchestra, Amedeo Tommasi Ensemble, Amedeo Tommasi Sextet, Amedeo Tommasi Trio, Chet Baker Sextet, Modern Jazz Gang, Thomas - Jaspar Quintet
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