Chris Pierce

Real Name:
Christopher Pierce
Meet Chris Pierce.

Chris knew he wanted to be a drummer when he was four years old, living in Maine, and he’s been blasting away ever since. Early influences included The Beatles, The Monkees, Kiss, and AC/DC. Metal bands in junior high and high school led to his introduction into punk rock, which was cemented into a lifelong career as a musician starting when he joined The AG’s from Durham NH for his very first tour in 1990.
Returning home, he decided to form his own band and Doc Hopper started in fall of 1990 before taking a short hiatus to attend recording school in 1991.
He moved to Boston in 1991, and then later to New Brunswick, NJ in 1996.
Since then, he’s also played/toured with Sinkhole, Deadguy, No Way Narc, The Stuntcocks, Cassanovacane, The Slow Wire, The Measure (sa), Drag The River, For Science, Plastic Cross, City Mouse, Buzzardwagon, Speed Queen, Side Bitch, The Low Doses, Brickmower, Erotic Novels, House Boat, and Barakuda McMurder.
He has produced/engineered records for many bands, including The Ergs, Night Birds, Rorschach, Mammoth Grinder, Saves The Day, The Steinways, For Science, Funebrarum, and Tuffy.
He opened his first recording studio, Technical Ecstasy, in 1997 (1997 to 2012 in New Brunswick and eventually Milltown NJ), and currently operates at Volume IV in New Brunswick, NJ. Chris is currently an active (or whatever) member of Doc Hopper, The Groucho Marxists, School Drugs, Nervous Triggers, and the Mikey Erg Band.
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