Eddie Piller

Real Name:
Edward Piller
British broadcaster, DJ, antique dealer, and head of Acid Jazz records.

Piller was born into the mod scene (his mother was head of a fan club for the mod band Small Faces) and came in contact with soul music early-on. He began with DJing in the early 1980s (time of the punk initiated mod revival) combining soul, mod, ska, and punk in his sets.

In 1987, after running the record labels Countdown and Re-Elect The President, together with Gilles Peterson (at that time DJ at BBC Radio London, he cofounded the legendary Acid Jazz label. Before that, he created the "Acid Jazz" style; playing together in clubs a mix between Psychedelic Jazz, 1970s Funk, Hip Hop and Soul. The name was the result of a joke about the big acid house boom in England at this time, when someone asked: "What music is this?", he answered: "Acid Jazz".