Teho Teardo

Real Name:Mauro Teho Teardo

Italian musician, composer and sound designer, he releases 2 albums as M.T.T. (Mauro Teho Teardo) in the late 80's, in the first one titled "Caught From Behind" collaborates with Nurse With Wound and Ramleh.
After this experience starts a band, Meathead, the band released 4 albums and collaborated with many bands from the underground international scene like Pain Teens, Zeni Geva, Bewitched (2), Cop Shoot Cop.
In 1996 goes to Birmingham to form Matera, a new project with Mick Harris (Scorn, Napalm Death), the album titled "Same Here".
In 1997 Teho goes to New York to do a project with J F Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop), the new band is named Here and the first album is titled "Brooklyn Bank". HERE toured and released also an E.P. titled "A Bit Of Red".
In 1999 Teho works with Lydia Lunch on some recordings and also some shows.
He remixes tracks for Placebo, Girls Against Boys, CSC, Lydia Lunch, Front 242, Rothko, Fetish 69.
He curates the 12" serial named "Domestic Landscapes" for Nail Records.
In 2002 Released his new project Modern Institute, the first 12" is part of the Domestic Landscapes project.
With Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys) gets together Operator (8), a new band that has released an album titled "Welcome To The Wonderful World".

As composer, in 2000 he creates the soundtrack for "Denti" the movie by Oscar winning Gabriele Salvatores.
He creates the soundtracks for 2 documentaries by director Guido Chiesa.
He curates the live soundtrack for the contemporary theatre company Motus for their show named "Rooms".
As sound designer, he creates and ambient sound installation for the Etrurian Museum in Piombino, Italy.
In 2001 he writes and perform live the soundtrack for the Japanese silent film "A Page of Madness" for the international silent film festival "Le Giornate del Cinema Muto".
Teho writes and performs the music for the soundtrack of "Il Fuggiasco", the new movie by director Andrea Manni.
He creates a sound installation for the contemporary art festival Hic et Nunc in Pordenone. He writes the music for Lavorare con lentezza, the new movie by Guido Chiesa that's premiered at the Venice Film Festival. He collaborates with cellist Erik Friedlander (Masada/John Zorn) to issue an album on Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Teho is anchor-man of the radio show "Oltre Il Confine" (Radio Rai).

In 2011 Teho started his own label called Spècula. , Facebook , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
Aliases:Mauro Teho Teardo
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