Rauli Badding Somerjoki

Real Name:Rauli Aarre Tapani Somerjoki

Rauli Badding Somerjoki (born August 30, 1947 in Somero, Finland; died January 14, 1987 in Helsinki, Finland) was a Finnish singer, composer and lyricist. His most famous songs include "Fiilaten ja höyläten", "Paratiisi", "Bensaa suonissa", "Ikkunaprinsessa", "Tähdet, tähdet" and "Laivat".

Rauli Badding Somerjoki joined the band "The Five Yes" in 1963, in the beginning he played drums, but soon became the lead singer. The first record he appeared, M.A. Numminen's "Taisteluni" was recorded in 1966, Somerjoki performed the song "Laki epäsiveellisten julkaisujen levittämisen ehkäisemisestä".

In 1969 the band and performance group Suomen Talvisota 1939-1940 was founded. It was disbanded in 1970 after which Somerjoki concentrated on his solo career.

In 1970 his first single "Mun sormuksein" was released. The record didn't sell well, but it was played in the radio quite a lot. Next year his first album came out "Synnyin rokkaamaan". In 1973 he recorded the song "Ja rokki soi" (written by Matti Ja Teppo), which was a surprising success, and it lead to the rerelease of the first album, which sold this time a lot better. The same year, in April, also came out the single "Fiilaten ja höyläten", which was a huge success and didn't leave the charts until in December.

In 1974 the next album "Näin käy Rock & Roll" was released, the album contains one of his most known songs "Paratiisi" (lyrics by Somerjoki, music by Arja Tiainen). In 1975 he released a 'softer' album "Sydän lämpöä täys" which didn't sell well, and until early 1980's, Somerjoki didn't made LP. He made couple of singles end of the 70's.

In the beginning his backing band was "Oy Niittisydän Ab". After that he had a group with his brother Kari Somerjoki. After "Fiilaten ja höyläten" the audience wanted more rock, and the new band was called first "St. Devils", but soon it changed its name to "Money". They played 1973-74. They were followed by "Pasi Ja Pekka ja Viikingit" in 1975, but the cooperation ended due to Somerjoki's difficult behavior and alcohol abuse. Next backing band was 1975-76 "Madame George", which were some same members than "Money". The next group was until late 1979 Smokey Joe's Café, and they backed Rauli over half year to 1980.

In 1981 Somerjoki had a new a backing band, Agents (2), and in 1982 they released "Ikkunaprinsessa" and in 1983 "Tähdet, tähdet". In 1982 Agents had hired Pekka Tammilehto to make sure the gigs were done. Somerjoki's career was going down despite the efforts. In 1985 though, the album "Laivat" was released, and it was welcomed by both the audience and the critics. In 1985 the cooperation with Agents was done, and Somerjoki started to work on a new album, but this album was never finished. This time backing band was Herranen Aika. They play at 2 last Pyramid singles, but are not mentioned on the credits, except guitarist Tapio Kallio.

Somerjoki's last gig was on December 28, 1986. He died on January 14, 1987 in Helsinki, Finland, due to simultaneous alcohol poisoning, heart attack and pneumonia. He was 39 years old.

Pseudonyms: V. Esine, G.A. Johanssonin Perikunta, Mauri Mannakorpi, Teppo Räme
Aliases:G. A. Johanssonin Perikunta, Kristina (37), Mauri Mannakorpi, Teppo Räme, V. Esine
In Groups:Suomen Talvisota 1939-1940, The Five Yes




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