Die Alliierten

German Oi!-/Streetpunkband formed in Wuppertal, Germany in the early 80ies.
Their album 'Ruhm & Ehre' was the first one by a band of skinheads released outside GB. The band took a firm position against racism and nazism, but their label Rock-O-Rama turned into the leading publisher of extreme nazirock later on, which left the 'Ruhm & Ehre'-album stranded in a catalogue of fascist-rock releases. Album-tracks got re-released on later R-O-R-compilations after the band's split and were neither agreed to nor authorized by any bandmember.
A follow-up 12-inch to the album was prepared, but sadly never released.
The guitarist got famous later, the drummer is still active in Tribal M, a reggae-band from Wuppertal. The bass-player went on with Western Force (see release-page) and the singer quit music after the band disbanded over personal and ideologic conflicts.
The only album-re-release some bandmembers are happy with, is the one on 'Schock & Drama'. (Well done, Guys!)
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Die Alliierten - Ruhm Und Ehre album art Die Alliierten Ruhm Und Ehre (Album) Rock-O-Rama Records Germany 1983 Sell This Version