Kees Grijpink

Real Name:Cornelis A.M. Grijpink

Dutch sound engineer.

Mastering and lacquer cutting engineer at Dureco Studio from September 1972 up to 1990.
Mastering and CD pre-mastering engineer at AJW Media from 1990 to 1995.
Head of the studio and audio digitization department at the Meertens Instituut (Amsterdam) from 1996 until his retirement in April 2018.

Records cut at Dureco used a three or four character code/signature [w]wA[A]n, where [w]w is one or two digits, marking the week of the year the record was cut, A[A] a single or double initial of the engineer who did the cut and n the number of the cut. In these cases the studio can be credited with Lacquer Cut At and the engineer with Lacquer Cut By, using the appropriate ANV for the initial(s). Grijpink signed his work with C, the initial of his Christian name.

Additionally, an etched K.G. can sometimes be found, indicating that during the transfer to the lacquer, the sound of the recording was modified (in Grijpinks own words). In these cases an extra Mastered By credit can be added with the appropriate ANV. When only K.G. is present in the runout, both roles (Lacquer Cut By and Mastered By) can be used.

Only ##C# =
Lacquer Cut By Kees Grijpink ANV C

##C# and K.G. =
Mastered By Kees Grijpink ANV K.G.
Lacquer Cut By Kees Grijpink ANV C

Only K.G.
Mastered By AND Lacquer Cut By Kees Grijpink ANV K.G.
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