Zanye East

Real Name:
Zane Michael O'Brien
Zanye East is the stage name of singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ Zane Michael O'Brien. Zane is the label head and A&R of Lux Aura (formerly known as ESCC9). He composes post-wave infused creations as fauxmúsica (ʄ≜uxmuℭica) and mutant-beatnik-hip hop as Zanye East. In addition to his original productions he presents his DJ mixes and remixes under the alias IXΘΥΣ. A few collaboration projects include CyberChrist&Crucifixion with David Hamer Atlas, Saint Effects with Sara Karipr, and Sacred Star with Lauren James and Gus Maiden (The Peach Tree). Zane first began recording music in his Freshman year of High School (1998) and was musically tutored online by Sean Hatfield (twerk), James Holden, Laurent Collat (FCOM) as well as Adam "Starkid" Spears (who passed away in 2004) on various BBS and IRC channels. Zane is sometimes credited for the genesis of the witch house, post-wave, post-whatever, post-pop, and the newbreed of ebm/industrial as well as other future music genres that have emerged since the rise and fall of electroclash and resurgence of ebm, coldwave, and industrial that occurred in the late 90s and early 00s which has carried on to the 10s as fusion genres. In addition to his nearly uncountable number of releases, mixtapes, and remixes he has worked with producers Aurelien Delamour (A V G V S T), Domagoj Krsic (Cyborgs On Crack), Alex Spalding (Material Action), Stan Przhegodsky (zxz), Michael Szewczyk (Textbeak) and Justin Morey of Genocide Lolita and ▼RIL Y▲ (R▲dio Vril).
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0009 Zanye East - Space Salt album art Zanye East Space Salt(5xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Escc9 0009 US 2012
0011 Zanye East - Voyager album art Zanye East Voyager(12xFile, MP3, Album, Dlx, Mixed) Escc9 0011 USA, Canada & UK 2013
0015 Zanye East - Wish House album art Zanye East Wish House(13xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Escc9 0015 US 2013
none Zanye East - Far East album art Zanye East Far East(15xFile, AIFF, Album) Escc9 none 2015

Singles & EPs

none Zanye East - I’m Dissolving / Cyberbully From the Top Ropes album art Zanye East vs Cyborgs On Crack Zanye East vs Cyborgs On Crack - I’m Dissolving / Cyberbully From the Top Ropes(2xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Anywave none France 2016

DJ Mixes

0008 Zanye East - 201X Mixtape album art Zanye East 201X Mixtape(File, MP3, Mixed, Mixtape, 320) Escc9 0008 US 2014