Henrik B

Real Name:Henrik Gustav Berntsson

Swedish DJ and producer, born 28 December 1977.

He started DJing around 1995, and released his first EP Deep Blue Everyday in 1998. Influenced by the local DJ culture in Stockholm his music became harder, distorted and analog techno. In 1999, he founded his own label Illgorhythm Recordings. in 2002, Adam Beyer signed him to Drumcode and they made several records together.

In 2003, he released an album of ambient tracks made over the years titled Kryoniks, and a year later he released the EP Logos which became his most successful release at that time. In 2005, he made his first electro/progressive house remix for a Sunfreakz song Riding The Waves and created his first track, 'Overrun', in the new style. After it was released on Pryda Friends, together with Airwalk, he decided to delete his techno websites and permanently move into this new direction.

Since then, he has been interested in more downtempo music and nature photography.

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud , Instagram , X , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Daeron, Henrik Gustav Berntsson
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